Hello everyone my name is Kanna or Alisa if you want to call me that! I am the twin sister of Misaki12 or Alice I hope to meet some friends on the wiki everyone looked very nice and friendly to each other. Anyway please forgive my grammar mistakes I am not as good as my sister at typing I like the anime of Fairy Tail but also the manga! So much I will probably get like this @_@ lol *ahem* going off topic a bit here..>>

I like to write texts rpgs, read manga and fantasy novels, play anime games (any type fufufu >:) ) *ahem* but I digress anyway I also like to play console and on line games.

As you can tell by my avi I love god eater!! :D I also like to watch MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000). I really love Fairy Tail of course! ^^ aww I am talking to much :_: sorry but please to meet you I am hoping to make a lot of nice friends here! ^^

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