Why does he suck so bad in the games?

The beginning of the rage

Okay when I got the Japanese version of the very first game of portable guild I noted on the wiki that Happy was a secret character but on the squeal he was not.. (note this was before the third and recent game was released But after unlocking pretty much early in the game and tried him out...God it was a nightmare! I thought what they did to mira was bad but dammit! I know Happy is suppose to be a funny character but do you honestly believe think that I am going "Happy" not the cat's name mind you but... I digress you think i want to be a character that totally blows asses from 17 directions? Hell no!!

Why does Happy suck!?

I mean his attacks are slow...His moves are crappy....He is just not helpful worth a damn..If you want to play him the game is only making fun of you pretty much like.. "Oh you pick Happy? You loser!! You must want your ass to get kicked badly! HAHAHA You suck!" That is pretty much it..I do not know maybe someone else had better lucky with him..But everyone else including myself said he is crap..

Why so piss?

Because it is a waste of a character! Even the bleach fighting games did it..What a horrible experience it was to play as that one loser from squad 4 and not poor happy. Do the makers of this game just do not like Happy or something? I know as stated that he is suppose to be a joke character...most of the time but in a game he should be usefully..

Final words

He is only for the brave you want the games to be challenging? Think the game is not hard enough? Well when you pick Happy on that selection screen then everything within a ten mile radius will mock you...

Thank you for hearing my rant about the every useless psp version of Natsu's cat!

PS: Lector is a cry baby loser! He better ever! EVER! be playable in the newest Fariy Tail games or I will raise hell!

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