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  • AlisaChan


    January 17, 2014 by AlisaChan

    It has been a while sense I been on the wiki been busy with life just good done with collage and trying to get my life

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  • AlisaChan

    Hardest Final Boss?

    August 25, 2012 by AlisaChan

    What out of all the games you have played has the hardest final boss? Also the coolest music. Nxy's avatar has the best music. Inzami from persona 4 is the hardest boss. other then this dude from dark souls.

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  • AlisaChan

    Why does he suck so bad in the games?

    Okay when I got the Japanese version of the very first game of portable guild I noted on the wiki that Happy was a secret character but on the squeal he was not.. (note this was before the third and recent game was released But after unlocking pretty much early in the game and tried him out...God it was a nightmare! I thought what they did to mira was bad but dammit! I know Happy is suppose to be a funny character but do you honestly believe think that I am going "Happy" not the cat's name mind you but... I digress you think i want to be a character that totally blows asses from 17 directions? Hell no!!

    I mean his attacks are slow...His moves are crappy....He is just not helpful worth a damn..If you want…

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  • AlisaChan

    My Celestial Spirit will be Hannibal from God Eater. Why cause he is a bad ass winged, spear and sword wielding, large fire lizard that is why. Fairy Tail is bad ass and so is he so that will be epic. Hehehehe! ^^

    I would show a picture of him but not sure if I can. Sense he is not Fairy Tail related but I suppose I could show a link.

    if people want to see him. Cause I do not know how

    His astronomical constellation is Draco

    So guys if you were to use a character from something else as your Celestial Spirit who would it be? You can show a picture if you wish and explain why you think they will make a cool spirit. For fun you can say what astronomical constellation they will be from.

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  • AlisaChan

    Hello everyone ^^

    August 2, 2012 by AlisaChan

    Hello everyone my name is Kanna or Alisa if you want to call me that! I am the twin sister of Misaki12 or Alice I hope to meet some friends on the wiki everyone looked very nice and friendly to each other. Anyway please forgive my grammar mistakes I am not as good as my sister at typing I like the anime of Fairy Tail but also the manga! So much I will probably get like this @_@ lol *ahem* going off topic a bit here..>>

    I like to write texts rpgs, read manga and fantasy novels, play anime games (any type fufufu >:) ) *ahem* but I digress anyway I also like to play console and on line games.

    As you can tell by my avi I love god eater!! :D I also like to watch MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000). I really love Fairy Tail of course! ^^ aww I am…

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