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The day is dull, the sun hidden away by greyish clouds. It’s cold outside, something which prompted all of the Fairy Tail members currently in town to take shelter in their headquarters… The memory of their Master’ funeral still vivid in their heads.

Cana (hugged to a barrel): “Maaaaan, this cold day is perfect for some snuggling up with my boyfriend…” Looks at the barrel and whispers, loving: “Isn’t that right, baby?”

Mirajane (serving at the tables, with Lisanna helping her): “Please, Cana, let that boyfriend be the last one for today… Otherwise the others will be completely deprived of love…!”

Cana: “Ok, ok I got it…”

Jet and Droy follow Levy around aimlessly, Macao and Wakaba are sitting at a table, Alzack and Bisca are chatting together.

Max and Warren are standing at the window.

Max: “Uff…”

Warren: “If only Natsu and the others were here… They might cheer us up a bit… Why did they have to take up a mission today?”

A small bubble is shown, depicting Team Natsu leaving the place, with the addition of Wendy Marvel happily going with them alongside Charle, and Juvia walking after Gray with her hands joined and comedic tears flowing from her eyes while she chants out “Juvia's going to mission with Gray-sama, Juvia's going to mission with Gray-sama…!”.

Max: “Why, I wonder…”

Warren: “Why…”

Max & Warren: “Boredooooooom…!”

Elfman (Behind them): “What the hell are you talking about…! Men don’t complain about something trivial such as boredom!”

Warren: “If Master was alive, we wouldn’t be bored now…”

Max: “Yeah, Master knew how to have fun…”

The three of them remains silent for a moment.

Elfman, Max & Warren (with comedic tears): “Masteeeeeeeeer…!”

Lisanna (leaving Mirajane and rushing to the three with similarly comedic tears): “Elfman nii-chan…!”

The four of them hug in a comical way.

As Mirajane looks at them with a smile, she notices something else. By another window, a small, black cat with antropomorphous features and a prominent scar around is left eye is staring outside, serious. Mirajane nears him.

Mirajane: “How are you doing, Lily? You look really serious…”

Pantherlily: “It’s been days since I last saw Gajeel… I wonder… What if something happened to him?”

Mirajane: “To Gajeel? Come on, Gajeel is so strong, I don’t think he might be having troubles… After all, he’s also scary! Troubles should be scared of him for their own safety!”

As she says so, she comically and clumsily imitates Gajeel.

Pantherlily smiles sadly.

Mirajane: “So… Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”

Pantherlily: “Yeah… Thank you.”

Mirajane smiles and nears the counter, where Cana is still sitting.

Cana: “By the way… Where the hell are Laxus and Gildarts? They are always hanging around together these days…”

Mirajane: “I heard it’s about bureaucracy. Laxus has to handle many things Master left behind, and Gildarts seems to be helping him out…”

Cana: “I got it… Well, hope they come around soon…” She’s interrupted, surprised “What?”

As they talk, their surroundings start to shake. Everyone is shocked.

Pantherlily: “What’s going on?!”

Macao: “What the…”

Things start shaking more and more. Seconds after, Fairy Tail’s building is lifted from the ground.

Inside, everyone is sent flying around, with tables and chair collapsing, as the headquarters raise high up into the sky. Cana manages to reach the main door, and, looking out from it, sees the ground beneath them getting farther and farther… Until Fairy Tail’s building reaches the grey clouds above Magnolia and penetrates them….

Emerging from above.

Inside the hall, everything is confused. The guild members help each other on their feet, Elfman is shown having lifted up both Mirajane and Lisanna to prevent them from hurting themselves… With Max and Warren having been thrown away by the large man who was assisting her sisters, and now lying behind a table. Bisca, in the mess, screamed and hugged Alzack, and the two are now sitting on the ground, blushing as they try to prevent their glances from crossing.

Lisanna: “Guys are you alright?”

Reedus: “What happened?”

Wakaba: “How come we’re levitating?”

Everyone is seen worrying and calling for the others, and, after a rapid check of such kind, all the guild members who were in the headquarters seem to be alright.

Cana, having spent some time checking her guildmates inside, gives another fast glance to the outside… And pales.

Cana (Surprised): “What the hell…”

Everyone approaches the large door and looks outside as well… With the reactions being the same as Cana’s.

Several tens of meters away from them, another, much larger building is shown floating in the air. Many large stalactites hang from its rocky base, over which towers a massive, dark fortress, seemingly dug in rock, with many openings acting as windows in it, and imposing spires.

Fairy Tail’s members are astonished. As the wonder what all of this does mean, a loud, metallic voice is heard throughout the place, seemingly coming from the fortress’ direction.

???: “Crowhaven Levitational System, active. Lock on completed”

Seconds later, a metallic sounds is heard, and then it’s the turn of a loudspeaker, broadcasting the voice of a man.

???: “Greetings, Fairy Tail.”

Mirajane: “Who’s talking?”

???: “My sincerest welcome. I hope you didn’t mind the mean of transportation we came up with… We worked on it to make it as comfortable as possible. It’s good that everyone of you made it up here alright”

Elfman: “Show yourself, if you’re a man!”

???: “Oh oh oh, don’t worry, little fairies… I’ll be showing myself soon… But first, since you just arrived, I’d like to offer you a little appetizer… Bwahahahahahaha!”

As the loudspeaker says so, a black cloud lifts from the dark fortress floating away from Fairy Tail, nearing the guild… A dark cloud which is shown to be composed of a large amount of men. They wear darkish clothes, some of them sport tattoos, and most carry weapons of various sizes and forms, such as swords, daggers and polearms. What all of them have in common are the hood they wear, shaped like crows’ beaks, and the strange things strapped to their backs: those are reminiscent of engines, and each bears, attached to it, two mechanical wings covered in dark feathers, with what appears to be wax connecting them… Wings that move frenetically, allowing their bearers to fly in the air.

They don’t seem well-intentioned.

Mirajane: “Awwwwww, that’s like Happy’s Aera…”

As she speaks, she imagines several of the men heading towards them bearing Happy’s face.

Everyone else (Comedic): “Why are you thinking about that now?!”

The platoon of flying enemies gets nearer and nearer. A large man in the first row, wielding a spear, sporting ram’s horns on his crow-like headgear, and wings larger than the others’, spurs everyone else.

???: “Icarus Raiding Squad, CHARGEEEEEE!!!”

Others: “Yes, Captain Lovidicus!”

Nab: “Dammit…!”

Alzack: “Here they come…!”

Cana (Drawing her cards): “Action stations! Ready yourself!”

The group bursts inside Fairy Tail’s headquarters from the open front door. Tables break at the men’s passage, and some Fairy Tail members are swept away and sent crashing against the walls. Others try to fend off the assailants. The Icarus group reaches the top of the building, and from there some of its members start nosing down on their opponents. Inside, confusion reigns.

Enemy: “Ahahahah! There’s now way for these guys to reach us while we’re using our wings! They’re doomed! They’re… What?”

In front of him and some of his surprised comrades is a small black cat, two snow-white wings on his back, staring at them seriously.

Enemy: “Ahahah! What the hell! What’s a kitten like you doing here? Where’s your master, kitt… Aaaaghh!”

Before he can finish his sentence, he’s sent flying against a wall by the massive, muscular antropomorphous panther now standing in the air, his wings wide open.

Other enemies: “What’s on?! How come that cat transformed?”

Pantherlily stares at them silently, his hands crossed before his chest.

Enemy: “Ah! Never mind! Let’s see if this beast does stand a chance before our weapons!”

The group charges forward, readying to strike their opponents with the swords they’re wielding.

Seconds after, they’re sent crushing to the ground.

Pantherlily, high up in the air, reduces the size of his Musica Sword.

Pantherlily: “Amateurs…”

On the ground, Lisanna has grabbed Mirajane’s right arm.

Lisanna: “Nee-chan, hide! You can’t use your Satan Soul around here, you’d destroy the guild itself!”

Mirajane: “I know! I won’t stand in the way!”

??? (Behind them): “You’re completely open, cute ladies!!!”

A flying enemy charges towards the two at high speed, readying to slash them with the scythe he wields.

Lisanna: “Kyaaaaaaaaah!”

Mirajane hugs her younger sister tight to protect her, putting herself between Lisanna and the weapon’s trajectory.

Lisanna: “Nee-chan!”

Assailant: “DIE!”

Before the two can be struck, however, the assailant is sent crashing through a wall. Elfman is shown standing in front of them, his Beast Arm: Black Bull active.

Elfman: “Don’t you dare touch my sisters!”

Mirajane & Lisanna: “Elfman!”

Elfman (sneering): “This thing is something a man should handle! I’ll protect you no matter what!”

An enemy flies toward Elfman, wielding a large spiked mace, followed shortly after by another, wielding two daggers.

Enemies. “Die, you scum!”

Elfman remains still until the last moment. Then, he rapidly raises both of his arms and rushes forward, much to the opponents’ dismay. Caught off guard by such move, they are an easy prey for Elfman’s outstretched arms. Having been hit, the opponents lose control of their wings. The Fairy Tail Mage takes advantage of this to grab both of them by their collar, and then rapidly throws them high up: both land on some of their flying comrades, with many of them falling to the ground as a result.

Lisanna: “You’re great, Elfman nii-chan!”

Elfman (Sneering): “That’s how a man’s strike is done!”

Nab is seen, some meters away from Elfman.

Nab: “Nice shot, Elfman!”

???: “I don’t think you’ve got time to congratulate your allies!”

An enemy speeds towards him wielding a flail. He throws its chain as Nab, who raises his right arm in response, with the chain wrapping around it and the spiked ball nearing his skin.

Enemy: “Gyahahahahahaha! That’s the worst possible move against me! You’ll be helpless before my Chain of Suffering! A light touch, and its poison will destroy your body with pain!!!”

Nab: “Dammit…!”

The spikes on the ball touches Nab’s skin… Without managing to pierce it. The spiked ball falls down harmlessly, hanging from the chain.

Enemy (Surprised): “What the hell?! What’s this about?!”

Nab (Sneering): “Perfect timing, Vijeteer.”

Not far from them, Vijeteer is seen performing a moonwalk.

Vijeteer (Satisfied): “Weakening Walk!”

Enemy (Surprised): “You mean… You weakened me so that my attack wouldn’t be able to hurt this fellow…?!”

Nab: “I owe you one, Vijeteer! BJORN!”

Nab’s arms transform, becoming covered in thick fur and sprouting large claws. He crushes the assailant between them with a large clap, knocking him out.

Vijeteer: “And now, time to go at them!”

The man, sideways on, bends one arm and extends it in front of his face, with the other, bent as well, being lowered behind him, in a dance reminiscent of the pose commonly associated with Egyptians.

Vijeteer: “Aggressive Motion! Go for it, Nab!”

Nab sneers.

Nab: “FENRIR!”

Nab’s body becomes covered in greyish fur, he sprouts a tail, and his jaw elongates; all of these changes give birth to a werewolf-looking creature.

Nab jumps high up into the air, reaching four flying opponents, and rapidly takes them down with agile motions. As he returns to the ground, newly human, he gives Vijeteer the five.

Macao and Wakaba calmly stare at the scene.

Wakaba (Sneering): “Eh, those youngsters…”

Macao (Sneering): “Though we used to be right like them, eh…”

Multiple opponents (Behind them): “You shouldn’t be distracted, old geezers!”

Wakaba: “Who did you call and old geezer?! Smokescreen…!”

From Wakaba’s pipe, a large amount of smoke is released, moving towards the assailants at high speed and surrounding them.

Assailant: “Eh, you think a mere smokescreen will sto…”

Wakaba: “… Hidden Menace.”

Enemy: “… Aaaagh!”

The man is rapidly knocked out by an airy smoke fist emerged from the gray matter surrounding him, with several of his comrades being hit as well. Some, however, manage to avoid the blows coming from all directions, and escape the smokescreen.

Remaining enemies: “Ha! You really think such a thing can take us out!”

The leftovers ready to attack the two men, but are stunned by the sudden appearance of many small bluish lights, floating around them like many fireflies. One man, curious, raises a finger and nears it to a light floating nearby. As he does so, the firefly-like entities rapidly moves towards the whole group, which is struck by bluish flames as the small lights come into contact with them. Seconds after, they’re all lying unconscious on the ground.

Macao: “Guren: Onibi.”

Macao and Wakaba stare at the defeated group for a second.

Macao & Wakaba (Smiling): “Ah, what the hell!”

They cheerfully give each other the five.

Elsewhere, Levy is moving around helplessly, trying to dodge a combative opponent’s attack, and being unable to use her Solid Script.

Levy (Barely avoiding an attack): “Kyaaaaaahhhhh…!”

The enemy kicks her down and block her arms to her chest with his left feet, raising his scimitar.

Enemy: “You’re mine!”

Levy: “Kyaaaaaaaah!”

As the opponent lowers his weapon on her, he’s struck from two different directions: from the right, someone appears to rapidly kick his head different times by spinning around, and from the right, large lianas hit him, shaped like ram’s heads with large horns. The enemy, having received the attacks, remains still standing for some seconds, n stunned expression on his face, before collapsing to the ground.

Jet and Droy are revealed to be the ones who performed the two strikes.

Jet and Droy: “Levy-chan!”

Levy (Relieved): “Jet! Droy!”

They help her on her feet by grabbing her arms.

Jet: “Levy-chan, did you see how I kicked him with my Suishinki?”

Droy: “Ha! My Horned Tendrils damaged that fellow much more than your lousy attack!”

Jet: “Don’t spout nonsense! I did the best, didn’t I, Levy-chan?”

Droy: “What the hell are you saying! I was the best one, right, Levy-chan?”

The two start comically pulling Levy’s arms in their two respective direction, with Levy, in the middle, remaining stunned.

Levy: “Well…”

Alzack and Bisca shoot down enemy after enemy, back to back. As Bisca fires her sniper rifle, her eyes focused on the sights, Alzack notices a enemy rapidly nearing her. He grabs her right arm with his left one and spins, switching their positions. Faced with the surprised enemy, Alzack points his gun at him and shoots him down. He and Bisca then wink at each other, before visibly blushing and returning to the enemies.

Elsewhere, one heavily-armed opponents charges forward against a lilac-haired, bespectacled girl.

Enemy: “You’re mine, girlie!”

Laki: “Uh? You still haven’t attacked me? You’re so turtle-iiiish!”

Enemy: “Turtlewhat?”

Laki rapidly touched the ground with both hand.


A large wood sculpture portraying a muscular man with an executioner-like hood appears, wielding a massive axe, which he swings at the enemy, who, however, manages to dodge.

Enemy (Comedic): “What the hell, what kind of name is that?! It has nothing to do with the attack! Besides, it’s weir… Aaaaaagh!”

While he’s remarking the oddity of the attack’s name, the “executioner” strikes him with the axe, revealed to be a blunt weapon, and knocks him out.

Laki: “When all of this is over, I’ll have to whittle away many defenceless hours!”

Everyone in the area (Comedic): “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?”

Cana is surrounded by four opponents.

Opponent 1: “Eheheh, such a cutie we’ve got there…”

Opponent 2: “What about we have some fun?”

The first opponent rushes forward. Cana manages to avoid him, and then throws a card at the other opponent on the same row as the one who just attacked, momentarily stunning him and managing to pass over him and to break out of the encirclement… Just to find herself in a dead end, an angle where two main walls converge. One of the two is lightly cracked, as a consequence of the battle, and a large wood beam from the ceiling has gotten looser, almost hanging over the angle. Cana is again surrounded, this time with her enemies in a semicircle.

Opponent 1: “You tricky hottie… You thought that would have worked on us? You’re trapped again!”

Cana (Smiling): “You’re right. But, before you do anything… Would you mind me telling you your future?”

Opponents: “Uh?”

Cana rapidly draws a card from her deck, and stares at it from some seconds before showing it to the enemies: the Death card.

Opponent 1: “Uh? Death? Are you saying we’re going to die, you little bitch?!”

Cana: “The Death is almost always metaphoric. It stands for rebirth… It stands for…”

As she says so, the wood beam above them start shaking imperceptibly, as if something invisible were moving it. A second later, its on the ground… Or, to be more precise, on the four knocked out opponents.

Cana (Sneering): “… Change.”

Cana turns to look around and check her guildmates’ situation. As she does so, however, a large opponent suddenly appears behind her, striking her with a massive club. Cana is hit, and is sent flying several metres away by the enemy’s strength… Out of Fairy Tail’s door.

Every Fairy Tail Mage: “CANAAAAAAAAAA!!!”

Cana falls rapidly.

Reedus: “Leave it to me!”

As one of his Picto-boars takes care of an enemy who was assaulting him, Reedus draws a coil of rope, with one edge Magically wrapping around the nearby boar’s chest, and the other speeding out of the large main door. The rope rapidly reaches Cana, who’s nearing the clouds beneath them, and wraps around her ankles, halting her fall.

Reedus: “Got you!” At the boar: “Go!”

The boar nods with a grunt and starts running around, sweeping away many enemies. He passes over some of the pillars holding the ceiling, changing his direction after doing so: this rapidly rolls up the rope, with the pillars acting as pulleys of sort, and Cana is back in the guild’s building moments after.

Cana (Relieved): “Thanks, Reedus, I owe you one.”

The two smile, and then take a look around: the enemies lay unconscious all over the place, with Elfman holding the last conscious one’s neck with his Beast Arm: Iron Bull, before putting him to sleep as well with a headbutt. All members of the Icarus Raiding Squad lie defeated… Aside from their Captain.

Lovidicus is shown still outside of Fairy Tail’s building, his wings keeping him in the air.

Lovidicus: “Not bad… Not bad at all…” He looks back at the flying fortress: “Would you like THEM to give it a shot now, Master?”

He receives a telepathic answer.

???: “Why not… After all, that’s why we came. Or rather, why we brought THEM there. It’s alright. Retreat, Lovidicus-chan. I’m handling the matter now.”

With a sinister grin, Lovidicus does as he’s ordered, turning his back to Fairy Tail and flying towards the flying fortress.

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail’s building starts moving again… This time horizontally, towards the dark fortress. Everyone inside is shocked, raising from the places they had momentarily taken rest in after the battle.

Cana: “What’s on now?”

As the building keeps moving, the loudspeaker is again turned on with a metallic sound.

???: “Greetings again, Fairy Tail. I see you’re done with my little appetizer… Good.”

Elfman: “You again? Damn it, show yourself!”

Lisanna: “Yes! Give him a piece of your mind, Elfman nii-chan!”

???: “Such ardour… Bwahahaha… Nice… Guess you’re ready for the next course.”

Cana: “Course? What the hell are you talking about?”

???: “Eh eh eh… You’ll soon find out… But in the meantime… Allow me to introduce myself…”

The voice takes a pause before continuing, with evident satisfaction.

???: “My name is Iwan Dreyar, and this is my Guild, Raven Tail.”

Everyone inside the hall is shocked.

Mirajane: “I… Iwan Dreyar…?!”

Elfman: “How come…”

Lisanna: “You must be joking…”

Macao: “You mean this fellow…”

Everyone: “… IS GRAMPS’ SON???!!!”

Cana: “… And Laxus’ father…”

Iwan: “Bwahahaha, nice to know that I ain’t that unknown as I thought… Good…”

Cana: “What do you want of us? Why did you bring us here, and how come we’re levitating? What’s happening?”

Iwan: “There is a time for everything, beauty… For now, as I said…”

As he says so, a large drawbridge with hooks at the ends, placed on the edge of the flying fortress, lowers down, hooking the other building’s edge in front of the open main door, and connecting the two headquarters.

Iwan: “Allow me, fairies-chan, to invite you in our modest headquarters…”

Cana: “Damn you…”

Iwan (sinister): “… to enjoy the next course! Bwahahahahahahaha! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”


There we go, another Fight Prediction’s over. Hope you enjoyed it =D

I admit that I had some troubles creating this Prediction, due to the moderately large scale of its fight. I know those specific attacks might not be that original… But I hope you won’t mind it too much ;) After all, more Predictions will be coming…

And don’t worry: the characters who didn’t receive proper attacks will play a role in the future, I assure you that… Team Natsu won’t be around for the time being, so Fairy Tail will have to manage by itself…. Hope you like such choice ;)

Well then, anything else to say? Just thanks for reading, and keep following us! Bye! =D

PS: There we go with the usual dictionary… And with many words to take care of! :P

  • Crowhaven” and “Lovidicus” might sound familiar to someone fond of Role Playing Games… Both words are from the game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and even there, are somehow linked… Of course, “Crowhaven” was chosen because of the “Crow” appearing in it, fitting Raven Tail’s theme… As for “Icarus”… Well, I think everyone should know. Feathers, wax, and a fast defeat… It was the only fitting name :P
  • Vijeteer’s attacks aren’t that much… I just came up with “Weakening Walk” and “Agressive Motion” out of laziness… Kind of banal names, I know :P
  • I hope Nab’s attacks are more original: “Bjørn” is the Norwegian word for “Bear”, which is the creature the spell revolves around… And the Fenrir is a large wolf from Norse mythology, something which I think fits the werewolf-like appearance taken on by Nab while he uses the related spell… I went for Norse names because Nab’s (and Bickslow’s, Human Possession rulez! =D) Seith Magic is inspired by Norse magic.
  • Wakaba’s “Smokescreen: Hidden Menace” was similarly named out of pure laziness… Though it somehow reminds me of Assassin’s Creed xD As for Macao, “Guren: Onibi” (紅蓮: 鬼火 ) means “Crimson (Lotus): Will-o’-the-Wisp”. “Guren” is the Japanese word for “Crimson”, but can also stand for “Crimson Lotus”… Natsu’s ultimate attacks all start with such word, and other instances of the “duality” of the word “Guren” can be found in other manga/anime, such as Fullmetal Alchemist or Code Geass. As for the Will-o’-the-wisp part, well, know this: in Italian (stemming from Latin), they are referred as “Fuochi Fatui”… Literally meaning “Foolish Fires”… Fires. Got it? xD
  • While Droy’s “Horned Tendrils” attack should speak for itself, Jet’s “Suishinki” (推進器) is Japanese, and means “Propeller”… I chose the name because I like the sound of the English word, and I came up with an attack somehow mirroring Racer’s Motor.
  • From what we know of Laki (mostly anime-only stuff…), the liliac-haired girl possesses strangely named attacks. And the one she uses here doesn’t make an exception… Though maybe, who knows, that executioner fellow (I choose it because of Laki’s seeming liking for torture… Or at least for torturing devices :P) might just be more romantic than he looks xD
  • I wanted Cana to use an attack mirroring the real actual “effect” of a tarot card, so I went for the “scariest” one… The Death. As stated in the next (or so I read somewhere xD), the Death doesn’t often stand for physical death, but rather for change, for rebirth… I hope I’ll be able to have Cana use such card in the future, maybe with different effects…
  • Reedus’ boar went unnamed because I think the nice animal did enough for now, and I mostly consider him the best character in the whole Fight Prediction (lol xD)… Who knows, in the future, our furry, fanged friend might appear again… Maybe with some of his comrades xD
  • The drawbridge comes in useful for the story, of course… But that’s not the only reason I included it. You should know that the Corvus was a Roman weapon developed to be used during boardings, consisting of a hooked bridge. During naval battles, this could be employed to hook enemy ships and assault them in melee… “Corvus” is Latin for “Crow”, and in Italian we refer to the weapon as “Corvo”… Predictably, the very same word we use to refer to the black bird. Something fitting Raven Tail, isn’t it? xD

Uff, I’m finally done! Some dictionary I had to take care of! ;)

Well, then… As I already said, thanks for reading, and keep following us! ‘Till next time, guys! =)

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