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Sorry for the delay, I expected to present it to you yesterday, or even the day before, but I didn’t feel like writing it… Forgive my laziness xD

Well, let’s not waste time! Here is the second part of the Fight Prediction, which I hope will amaze you, my dear readers, as I promised! =D

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Gajeel (Amazed): “This… This thing can’t be a Celestial Spirit…!!!”

The small figure hidden by the shadows of the arched doorway remains still.

???: “…”

Iwan sneers.

The smoke, now clear, reveals a strange sight: in the middle of the wrecked balcony is now visible an extremely large object. Sporting a dark gold colour and measuring several meters in both height and width, the imposing instrument bears two large, expressionless faces on it, one on each side, facing outwards. Standing on the flat part over the two are Gajeel and Iwan, respectively on the left and on the right.

Gajeel: “What the hell is this?”

Iwan (Sneering): “Didn’t you hear it, Gajeel-chan? What we’re standing on are… The scales.”

Looking more closely, Gajeel realizes that the parts decorated by the faces the two of them are standing on are, in fact, scales.

Gajeel *Thinking*: “I’ve never seen such a strange Celestial Spirit… What’s on?”

Iwan: “Gajeel-chan, you seem confused…” He looks at the newcomer, still hidden by the door’s shade: “Darling, would you mind explaining our guest the effect of this peculiar Celestial Spirit of yours?”

???: “I wouldn’t, Father.” To Gajeel: “The Celestial Spirit Libra is kind of different from others of its kind. It can’t be used to directly attack opponents, nor to defend yourself from them. Libra, as the name implies, is something used to measure. And what is does measure is… Magical prowess.”

Gajeel: “What?”

Iwan: “It compares the Magical abilities of the ones standing on its scales, using Magic as a weight… The more Magic one possesses, the more weight he’ll be granted…”

Gajeel: “What the hell, I’m not here to play stupid games with you! I’LL BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU! Guaaaah… What?!”

As he tries to leave the scale he’s standing on, Gajeel realizes that he can’t move his feet.

Gajeel: “What the hell is happening?!”

Iwan (Sneering): “If you were to move, the measurement might be inaccurate… That’s why you can’t leave the spot. Stand still and enjoy yourself.”

Gajeel: “The fuck…!!!”

He rapidly moves his left hand in an arc before him, generating numerous, small throwing knives which fly towards Iwan.

Iwan remains immovable, sneering.

The throwing knives stop in mid-air before they can reach him, in correspondence to the borders of the scale Gajeel is standing on, as if they hit an invisible wall. They fall harmlessly on the floor below with a metallic tinkle.

Iwan: “No cheating, Gajeel-chan. Measurements are serious stuff, you know.”

Gajeel: “Dammit…! Why the fuck do you want to compare our Magical capabilities?”

Iwan: “Isn’t it obvious?”

He passes his right hand on his forehead, taking some blood drops which he subsequently shows Gajeel with his extended, open hand.

Iwan: “In battle, power and skill aren’t everything… There’s something more, something that could allow a weakling to lay his hands on titans… On gods… Do you know what that is?”

Gajeel stares at him, silent.

Iwan: “Eh eh eh… That’s… Luck.”

He starts trembling in anger again.


Gajeel remains silent again.

Iwan calms down in a moment, extending his arms to point at the large scales.

Iwan: “But with THESE… There’s no chance of error… There’s no chance something trivial like Luck could interfere with the judgement… Libra will measure our pure Magical power…” He starts sporting a sinister, devilish grin: “An, believe me, I wouldn’t want to be you when that happens…”

Gajeel (Alarmed): “What?”

Iwan (To the hidden one): “Darling, ready for measurement…!”

???: “Yes, Father. Libra.”

As the Celestial Spirit is mentioned, the air several meters above it starts changing. It’s enveloped in a dark blue aura similar to the one which appeared during the Spirit’s summoning; a dark blue aura which soon takes a flat form, elongating in a wide radius over the scales; its surface rippling like a body of water.

Gajeel: “What the hell…!!!”

As he says so, light starts appearing from the eyes and mouths of the two faces facing in opposite directions. The Celestial spirit shakes, producing a noise similar to that of an iron gate closing, as the scale Iwan is on starts getting lower, its metallic face gaining a more and more defiant, pleased expression. On the other hand, Gajeel’s scale moves upwards, nearing the dark mass floating above it, as the face on it gets gradually sadder in expression.

Gajeel: “What’s wrong? Dammit…!” He glances at the dark mass above him.

Iwan (From below): “I think you realized that this measure isn’t without consequences, Gajeel-chan… As for the minor weight waits…”

The face on Gajeel’s scale is now extremely anguished, its mouth wide open emitting a piercing scream of despair or pain.


Gajeel: “DAMMIT…!!!”

Gajeel is sunk into the watery mass. His body is lifted, finally separated from the scale, and absorbed in it.

Seconds after, a scream more piercing than the one emitted by the left face is heard.


The dark mass explodes, sending a rain of the matter composing it down on the balcony. In the middle of it is Gajeel, floating as if he were laid on his back. His clothes thorn, his Iron Scales reduced to fragments falling down from his tormented body, which is covered in blood. He grasps for air, and then falls down on the balcony, where he lays, panting and coughing up blood.

Gajeel: “Pant… Pant… What… Cough, cough…! Incredible power…”

Iwan slowly nears him, a pleased sneer on his face, as the large Celestial Spirit behind him slowly vanishes in thin air. The hidden caster remains in the shadows, silent.

Iwan: “It seems everything has been settled.” He bows, nearing his face to Gajeel’s: “Now you know your place, scum.”

Gajeel opens his mouth, coughing up blood, and seemingly preparing to say something.

Iwan (Bowing on him even more, and moving his right arm to his ear, as to hear better): “Uh? What is it?”

Gajeel (Smiling with difficulty): “Fairy Tail… Pant… Pant… Will beat the crap out of you…”


He rapidly raises on his legs again and performs a powerful kick on Gajeel’s abdomen, prompting him to cough up more blood. The balcony’s floor beneath him cracks and is reduced to pieces, with Gajeel falling from it, disappearing down in the dark depths below them.

Iwan (Panting): “You… Bastard…”

???: “Father, should I find him and finish him off?”

Iwan seemingly gets calmer as he turns to confront his small interlocutor.

Iwan (Sneering): “No need for it, darling… There’s no way he could survive such a fall in his current conditions… Gajeel “Kurogane” Redfox’s journey ends here.”

He opens his arms wide.

Iwan: “And the whole Fairy Tail will soon join it… Am I right? Guys…”

Three more shadowy figures appear in the semidarkness of the large arched door, flanking the small one.

A mellow, female voice answers first.

???: ”Of course, Master…”

A loud, male voice is heard next.

???: “It’s playtime… Kehehehehehe…!!!”

Last but not least for the newcomers, the calm voice of a young man.

???: ”There’s still blood to be spoilt… An I heard Fairies’ tastes great…”

Then it’s the childish voice’s turn again.

???: “You are, Father.”

Pleased, Iwan turns and walk to the wrecked balustrade, where he starts staring at the mountains again.

Iwan: “Fairy Tail… Your days are numbered! Bwahahahahahahahaha! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”


And, there we are again! =D

I hope you enjoyed this second Part, which, as you might have noticed, I made shorter… I was thinking about having a third Prediction start immediately from there, but I thought that adding some new characters and postponing the thing in favour of a larger battle would have added some suspense…

I hope you liked the depiction of Libra I came up with, and that it was worth the waiting… As for me, I’m satisfied =)

Well then, ‘till next time…

Keep following us! Thanks for reading =D

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