Hi there boys and girls! xD

Here I am with my second Fight Prediction! =D

This time, I did like a fellow editor advised me to, and “split” the Prediction in two different parts, to make it easier and more enjoyable to read, and also to add some suspense to the essay (hopefully xD) .

This Fight Prediction begins some time after the end of the previous one… Let’s say, some days later ;)

So, there we go. Enjoy =)

Raven Tail’s Headquarters. The sun is slowly going down, disappearing behind the mountains. On the balcony of one of the gloomy fortress’ highest building, a man is leaning on the balustrade, shadow slowly enveloping him as the sun draws farther and farther. He stands, alone, stroking a crow-shaped, completely flat creature made of paper: a Shikigami. The bird gently moves its head around to receive more and more strokes, as the one stroking him looks over the balcony, in the mountains’ direction, the spiky hair and beard slightly swaying in the wind, just like the elaborated cape covering his shoulders. Iwan Dreyar stands still, immersed in his thoughts.

Some meters behind him, someone slowly approaches.

???: “You wanted to see me?”

A pleased, yet creepy smile appears on Iwan’s face as he turns to face the visitor, the “crow” perched on his right hand as an hawk. Gajeel stares at him, clad in his usual attire.

Iwan: “Gajeel-chan, you’re here… Excellent…”

Gajeel: “What is it?”

Iwan turns and leans again on the balustrade, looking far.

Iwan: “Say, Gajeel-chan… Should there be a particular reason for me to summon my most trusted spy?”

Gajeel: “…?”

Iwan: “The one providing me information about my archenemy? The trustworthy agent working undercover in Fairy Tail, to destroy that very Guild others believe him to love? Should there be a reason? Maybe I just wish for his company.”

Gajeel: “Well, if that’s the case…”

Iwan (Interrupting him, smiling, while spelling out quietly): “I know everything, you filthy little traitor.”

Gajeel (Surprised): “Uh? What are you talking about?”

Iwan: “Don’t play the fool with me, Gajeel-chan. I know everything of the mission Makarov entrusted you with… Filthy little double agent.”

Gajeel *Thinking*: “Dammit!”

Iwan (Pointing at the Shikigami): “I had my little friends there keep an eye on the whole Magnolia… And as for Fairy Tail’s base… The old man had some pretty nasty Magical defenses set up… But I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve, as well… And as of now” He smiles devilishly: “The old man isn’t a problem anymore. Bwahahahah!”

Gajeel remains still, astonished. Iwan starts sporting a less evil smile, and strokes the Shikigami on his arm again, averting his eyes from Gajeel.

Iwan (Jingling): “I – know – everything…”

Gajeel *Thinking*: “Dammit, he’s by all means resourceful…”

He looks at Iwan, who doesn’t seem to be caring about him anymore.

Gajeel *Thinking*: “My cover has been blown… As of now, I’ve got no choice…” Frowns: “I’ll have to take him on.”

He stares at Raven Tail’s Master for some seconds. Then, he dashes forward in his direction.

He extends his right arm to his side. The flesh is taken over by dark steel, taking the shape of a broad, jagged blade. He raises this large weapon above his head, and then, once he’s near enough, slashes down on Iwan.


Without averting his eyes from the crow Shikigami on his arm or stopping stroking it, Iwan jumps to his left, effortlessly dodging the attack.

Iwan (Still focused on the crow): “Uh? Is that all you’ve got?”.

Gajeel (Surprised, thinking): “Dammit…! He’s fast…!”

Without losing heart, Gajeel proceeds to rapidly turn his left arm into an iron mace, which he then elongates in Iwan’s direction at high speed.


Iwan gently throws away the Shikigami crow and jumps, evading the weapon, and then lands on it with surprising strength, forcing it to crash in the ground. He then runs up the weapon in Gajeel’s direction at extremely high speed.

Gajeel: “Ugh…!!!”

Iwan is on him in a second, and packs a powerful punch in his stomach, sending Gajeel flying several meters back.

Gajeel: “Guah…!!!” He manages to land on his feet (Thinking): “… And he’s strong…!”

The Shikigami crow flies over the two in a large circle.

Gajeel pants.

Iwan: “Well, are you done already?”

Gajeel: “GYAAAAHHH!!!”

He rashes forward, and starts performing a barrage of attacks in Iwan’s direction with his sword and mace. Iwan evades every attack effortlessly, with the balcony’s floor instead becoming more and more damaged by the failed assaults.

Gajeel: “Dammit! How come I can’t hit him?”

Iwan: “Tsk…”

He deflects an attack from Gajeel’s mace with his bare right hand, and then dashes forward in his direction, performing a twirl and preparing to strike Gajeel’s neck with a kick from his right leg.

Gajeel: “The same trick won’t work on me twice!”

And, apparently, he’s right. Iwan’s leg is stopped by Gajeel’s neck, now covered in large iron scales, much like the rest of his body.

Gajeel (Sneering satisfied): “Tetsuryu no Uroko.

Iwan jumps backwards.

Gajeel (Sneering): “Your attacks won’t work anymore…”

Iwan (Sneering back): “Are you sure? Look better.”

In that moment, Gajeel opens his eyes wide, as some of the harder-than-steel armor covering his neck shatters, falling down on the ground.

Gajeel (With his right hand on the uncovered part, and the rest of his body still armored): “Impossible…”

Iwan (Sneering): “You think that scrap iron will stop my attacks? It’s useless.”

Gajeel (Thinking, astonished): *This guy’s a monster… No wonder Laxus is so strong… Having such a father…*

Iwan: “Uff, I’m tired of playing around with you.” He addresses the Shikigami crow flying over them: “Kill him.”

The paper bird starts to twist, as it croaks out loud like its real counterpart. Then he enlarges, its paper body becoming bigger and bigger.

Gajeel: “Uh…?”

The paper beast is now several meters long. He croaks out loudly in Gajeel’s direction, in a menacing way.

Iwan: “So long, Gajeel-chan.”

The gargantuan crow noses down on Gajeel, his large shadow covering on him.

Gajeel: “Dammit…!”

Despite his body armor, he wisely jumps several meters backwards, managing to evade the attack, which, instead, reduces the balcony’s part wrecked by Gajeel’s previous attack into falling rocks. Gajeel is forced to jump backwards again to avoid falling, something Iwan does as well, much more carelessly.

The Shikigami doesn’t lose time, and appears again from the large hole it created, flying again in Gajeel’s direction at high speed. He opens his paper beak, releasing a barrage of sharp, triangular paper pieces from it. Gajeel dodges to the right, evading both the projectiles, which instead dig deep cracks in the balcony’s floor, and the Shikigami, which flies over him, leaving the castle’s ground and preparing to turn back, in order to perform another assault.

Gajeel: “Don’t even think about it!”

His left arm changes shape, turning into a large iron crossbow with a menacing arrow loaded in it.

Iwan: “Uh…?”


He points the weapon in the gigantic bird’s direction, and fires the large arrow. This flies against it, a massive chain attached to it, connecting it to a coil integrated in the crossbow. The arrow doesn’t miss its target: it pierces through the Shikigami, and its steel head opens, revealing for protrusions, making the arrow similar to a grappling hook, which grab onto the large creature.

Gajeel (Sneering): “Gotcha!”

He then grabs the chain and swings it, pulling the bird’s in the castle’s direction and sending it crashing against a wall, destroying both of them in the process. A cloud of smoke raises from the site of impact.

Iwan: “Uh, Not bad. Not bad at all.”

Gajeel: “What’s next?”

Iwan: “Uh? Don’t tell me you really think you’re done with THAT.”

Gajeel (Moving his eyes to the point of impact): “What?”

From the dispersing smoke, three massive figures emerge: humanoid Shikigami, each almost high 2.5 meters.

Gajeel: “These damn toys of yours are getting on my nerves…”

Iwan: “Why so? I’m having so much fun! Bwahahahahaha!”

The three Shikigami charge in Gajeel’s direction, pummelling at him. Gajeel dodges, parries and deflects; their fists rain down on the balcony, creating large cracks in it.

Gajeel (Glancing at the cracks): “Not the section I’m on, you assholes!”

He jumps backward, turning his left arm into an iron mace which is then dropped over one of the three. The Shikigami raises his right arm above it, the flat “elbow” bent, and blocks it without much effort.

Gajeel (Sneering): “Right where I wanted you! TETSURYUKON: KANABO!

The iron mace grows much bigger in mass, becoming covered in large, round studs. The weapon now crashes down the paper warrior, destroying it and the part of floor it was standing upon.

Iwan: “Nice, nice, Gajeel-kun! One down, two missing!”

Gajeel: “I’m coming for you next!”

He proceeds to rapidly extend the mace, now back to its original form, in Iwan’s direction. Raven Tail’s Master stands still, a defiant look on his face, as the steel weapon is blocked by the two remaining Shikigami, each grabbing it on one side, several centimetres away from his face.

Iwan sneers satisfied.

Gajeel sneers back.

Iwan: “What is it you’re happy about…?”


From each side of the mace a large crescent-shaped blade protrudes in correspondence to the Shikigami. The paper warriors are cut down by the newly-created double edged axe, which extends forward in Iwan’s direction.

Iwan: “Ugh…!!!”

He jumps backwards, dodging. However, the axe manages to brush his forehead as it’s swung to the right, leaving a small cut on it.

Iwan puts his right hand on his forehead, incredulous.

Gajeel (Sneering): “Three down.”

He remains silent for some moments, staring at Iwan with the defiant sneer on his face.

Iwan (Shaking lightly in anger, whispering): “How dared you…” He cries out enraged: “HOW DARED YOU…???!!! How come scum like you managed to land a blow on ME???!!! ME???!!! YOU LITTLE BASTARD…!!!”

He then seemingly calms down, laughing quietly with a maniacal expression on his face.

Iwan: “Eh eh eh… It’s alright… Eh eh eh… I’ll show you… That there’s no way scum like you can be compared with me…”

He extends his left arm in the direction of the balcony’s large open door, several meters away from them.

Iwan: “Come forth, darling…”

From the dark, someone answers with a cold, infantile voice.

???: “Yes… Father.”

The small figure nears the exit, and a small, pale childish arm emerges from the dark. In its hand, a shiny, golden key.

Gajeel (Staring surprised at the key): “It can’t be… Don’t tell me…”

???: “Open the Gate of the Scales… Libra.”

The balcony is enveloped by a massive, dark blue aura, which then disappears, being taken over by a cloud of smoke, which starts to clear as well.

Gajeel (Astonished): “It… It can’t be…”

The smoke clears completely.

Gajeel (Astonished): “Is… Is this thing really… A Celestial Spirit…?!”


Well, there goes the “suspense” ending… Hope you like it xD

I should be publishing Part II soon… Hope you enjoyed the Prediction, and stay with us folks! =D

PS: As always, here we have a little dictionary, together with some random thoughts of mine:

  • Tetsuryūken ”, “Tetsuryūkon ” and “Tetsuryū no Uroko ” are simply some of Gajeel’s canon attacks… Check them out on his own page or on the one regarding his Magic ;)
  • Tetsuryumi: Kuroi Yajirushi ” should approximately mean “Iron Dragon’s Bow: Black Arrow”… I said approximately because “Tetsuryumi ” is a made-up word: “Tetsuryū ” means “Iron Dragon ”, and the Japanese word for “Bow ” is “Yumi ”, so I just fused the two words together… Don’t know if that would be considered correct in Japanese, but I wanted the attack’s name to be similar to other one-word moves performed by Gajeel, and “Tetsuryūyumi” didn’t sound that good to me… :P
  • A “ kanabo ”, employed here in a variation of Gajeel’s “Tetsuryūkon ”, is a type of Japanese mace, reminiscent of a club covered in large studs… Man, I wouldn’t like to be hit by something like that! :P
  • Tetsuryūono ” means “Iron Dragon’s Axe ”… Yeah, a correct word matching Gajeel’s other attacks! =D Even though, technically, some of his attacks lack the typical “no ”, a Japanese preposition used for many different things: for example, as far as I know, “Tetsuryūken” should instead be “Tetsuryū no Ken”… However, I don’t know much about Japanese, I’m sure Mashima’s words are correct (I mean, he’s Japanese… If he weren’t correct, who should be? :P) and his version sounds much better than mine.
  • Since I forgot it, "Statera" is simply the Latin word for Scales. The name was later switched to a more classical "Libra".

Well, that’s all, folks. If I forgot something, just ask in the comments, and I’ll answer you as soon as possible. As I already said, please stay with us and wait for Part II! I hope I’ll manage to amaze you!

Bye! =D

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