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Actually, to discover that this REALLY is a fight prediction, you’ll have to dig quite deep in the essay… The first part is just a long, exhausting introduction, which I hope you won’t mind xD

Well, anything else? I hope you guys enjoy it, and, if you were to find some grammatical mistakes, please be indulgent… I’m not naturally English-speaking xD


PS: Be careful! This Fight Prediction may contain spoiler, with some facts being "fictional" (Lol xD) and invented by me, but other coming directly from the Fairy Tail Manga... For the ones not up-to-date with the most recent chapters, read on at your own risk!

Magnolia Town. The sky is deep blue, high above the roofs, and the sun shines brightly, with few clouds in it, focused in small groups, as if they were ashamed of hiding away the sky’s pure colour. In stark contrast, the clothes of the ones crowding Magnolia’s cemetery are pitch-black. The whole green area, covered in tombstones, similar to jagged teeth, is packed full of people. Some were even forced to stand outside of the graveyard’s borders, due to the seemingly limitless mass. Even this boundless mass, however, seems to respectfully know its place, as there’s a clear, empty space separating it from the most central part of the graveyard, housing a much smaller amount of people, gathered in a half circle before a large tomb. Multicoloured flowers cover it in large bouquets, almost hiding away the statue adorning the grave, simple but elegant in its form, which is that of an extremely short and old, yet spry man sitting on an armchair, smiling happily as several small children crawl excited around him, hugging him and pleading him, with their expressions carved into the stone, to read out from the open book he’s holding on his legs. Draped over the statue’s cold shoulders is a small, fur-lined white coat covered in scorched holes; the only “living” thing in such rocky complex of immobile expressions. The statue’s pedestal bears the following words:

Do fairies have tails?

Below that, other words, carved in the cold, silent stone.


Wizard Saint

Master of Fairy Tail

Loving father for all of his children


Gathered around that symbol is the entirety of Fairy Tail, crowding around their deceased Master like the stone children. The other spectators, beyond the respectful empty space left before, include delegations from most other Guilds, and from the Magic Council itself, with prominent figures such as Shitou Yajima, Quatro Cerberus’ Master Goldmine, Blue Pegasus’ Master Bob, accompanied by the inseparable Trimens and their “senpai” Ichiya, and Iron Rock Jura from Lamia Scale, together with Lyon Bastia and Sherry Blendi.

Ichiya (Crying): “Erza-chan will be feeling terrible…”

Jura: “Such an honourable man Makarov-dono was… This is a great loss for the Magic world.”

Lyon: “Gray…”

All of them keep their eyes stuck on Fairy Tail members sympathetically, as the “sons” and “daughters” mourn the loss of their beloved “father”, overflowing with tears.

Warren & Max (Crying): Master…!!!

Droy (Crying): That’s not fair… Sigh… Master…!!!

Jet (Crying): Sigh… Master… Why did you die…?!

Levy (Crying): Sigh… Jet-kun… Droy-kun!!!

Jet & Droy (Crying): Levy-chan…!!!

The three of them hug.

Macao & Wakaba (Crying): … Old man…!!!

Three white-haired individuals are crying desperately as well, with one being a massive man with a scar on his right eye, and the other two a pair of young women.

Elfman & Lisanna (Crying): “Master!!!”

Mirajane (Crying): “Elfman.. Lisanna… You…”

Her sentence is interrupted by a sob, and the Take Over siblings hug.

A young girl with long blue hair cries even louder, hugging a white cat garbed in a dark dress to her chest.

Wendy (Crying): “Sigh… Master!”

Charle (Crying): “Wendy…”

A similar man-cat couple is standing beside them, this being composed of a muscular man covered in piercings and a short, dark cat with a scar across his left eye.

Gajeel: “Master Makarov…”

Pantherlily doesn’t say anything, keeping his small feline hand on Gajeel’s calf, to comfort him.

An attractive brunette clad in a proper, non-revealing attire, something unusual for her, doesn’t cry.

Cana (Thinking) *I… I have to be strong… For the others… I… I can’t allow myself to cry…*

A tear forces its way in her right eye. She angrily moves her right arm to take it away, but her wrist is grabbed by someone. A tall man garbed in a dark cloak covering him almost completely is standing beside her, staring at her with compassion.

Gildarts: “There’s no need… To hide away your feelings…”

Cana (Staring at him astonished) “…”

Gildarts: “Sometimes it’s just alright to let your feelings get the better of you… You don’t have to hold your tears back… My daughter.”

Cana (Starting to cry): “Father…!!!”

The two hug, and Cana sinks her head in Gildart’s cloak, crying and sobbing.

Gildarts (Stroking her head slowly): “It’s alright… It’s alright… Relieve your feelings and cry… You’ll feel better then…”

Another young man is strangely donning a formal dark attire, with his usual custom being to almost go around naked.

Gray (Crying): “Master…”

Beside him, a pale woman with blue hair is shedding tears as well.

Juvia (Crying): “He was… Sigh… A good master… Juvia knew that…”

She nears Gray, staring at him with her eyes full of tears, and cautiously puts her right hand on his shoulder. She’s surprised to be pulled to Gray’s side, with him hugging her.

Gray & Juvia: “Master!!!”

A young man with spiky pink hair, donning a disarranged shirt with an untied tie, falls to his knees before the grave, and starts angrily pummelling the ground.

Natsu (Crying): “Why…? Why did you die…? Why did you leave us… GRAMPS…!!! WHY DID YOU DIE…???!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”

The blue cat kneeling beside him cries as well, and grabs his arm.

Happy (Crying): “Natsu…!!!”

A blonde girl stares at the scene, her eyes full of tears.

Lucy (Crying): “Natsu…”

A young man with spiky strawberry-blonde hair prevents her from interfering, putting an hand on her left shoulder.

Loke: “Let him do… It’s alright…”

An attractive young woman with scarlet hair nears the two kneeling before the grave, kneeling beside them too and hugging Natsu.

Erza: “Natsu…”

She stares at the grave silently for some seconds, remembering a time in which she was, through some unknown means, the one occupying a similar place. Her eyes fill with tears.

Erza (Crying): “Master… Sigh… If only I could take your place…”

Suddenly, a fourth member joins the three: a tall man with slicked back blonde hair, and a scar shaped like a lightning bolt running across his right eye. He dons a formal black suit fitting the occasion, and has a light-coloured coat draped over his shoulders, bearing Fairy Tail’s insignia on the back. He bows down to coldly, yet gently, slap Natsu’s left shoulder, and then raises in all of his height.

After staring at the grave for some seconds, he turns to face the crowd.

Laxus: “I sincerely thank you all for coming.”

He stares at the multitude of sad faces for some moments, silent.

Laxus: “We are assembled here today to celebrate the memory of a great man, someone who always though of others first, someone who always fought for what he believed was right. Someone who was a father to all of his children, and wished them the best…”

He darkens, his clenched fists shaking lightly, and a tear appearing in his left eye.

“… Even though I realized it too late. However, he isn’t gone. He’ll continue to watch over us, guiding us gently throughout our lives, helping us to make difficult decisions… Shining on us like he always did.”

After a brief moment of silence, he raises his right arm up in the sky.

Laxus: “TO MAKAROV!”

Crowd: “TO MAKAROV!”

As the larger crowd starts straggling, Erza raises on her legs and put an hand on Laxus’ left arm.

Erza: “Well said…” Raises a smile “Guild Master.”

Laxus (Smiling sadly): “Yeah…”

Natsu, still crying, instead grabs him from his collar and starts shouting.

Natsu: “Laxus…!!! Hear me out…!!! You have to become a Guild Master great as gramps…!!! Now that he’s gone, you’ll have to take care of the Guild like he did…!!! And if you don’t… If you don’t, I’ll be the one to beat the crap out of you!!!”

A bothered Laxus get Natsu’s hand away from himself.

Laxus: “I don’t need a brat like you to remind me that…” He then starts to smile: “I will live up to my grandfather. You can be sure of that.”

Natsu smiles in response. He then walks away with Erza and Happy, rejoining the rest of his Team.

Laxus is then neared by three individuals, sporting dark attires fitting the occasion.

Freed: “Laxus…”

Bickslow: “Man, are you alright…?” As he says so, the five wood dolls reminiscent of jugs floating behind him, which for the occasion seem to sport sad expression through unknown means, echo his voice out sadly: “-right…? –right…? –right…? –right…? –right…?”

Evergreen: “Laxus…”

Laxus: “I’m alright, guys… No need to worry about me… Please, just get going…”

Fairy Tails starts to dissipate, with everyone paying the last respects to Makarov’s resting place. In the end, only Laxus remains before his grandfather’s grave. He stares at it silently for some seconds, as a gentle breeze starts blowing on the graveyard, making the flowers on the grave rustle gently.

Laxus: “You taught me so much… About friendship, about family… I didn’t want to see, blinded by my pride and arrogance… And yet, you didn’t give up on me… And for this I am extremely thankful. I won’t disappoint you. I inherited your will… Fairy Tail will continue to stand tall.”

He then turns his back to the grave, walking away.

“Farewell, gramps.”

As he leaves the graveyard, Laxus doesn’t realize that he’s been observed the whole time… Just like everyone else. Observed by a strange spectator, indeed, not being taller than some centimetres, having a flat body, almost invisible from the sides, and spots painted on it, taking the form of a stylized face on his head, plus a line of buttons covering its chest. He’s been sitting on a tree’s branch for the entire funeral… Sitting and watching.

Shikigami: “So that’s the end of the line for you… Father. Eh eh eh… Such a nice event that was… And to think that beautiful girl was the daughter of that air-head idiot… Eh eh eh… Nice to know that… It might come in useful, in the future…”


Several hours later… Sunset. Outside of Magnolia, on a cliff overlooking the town.

Laxus is sitting. He now sports a more casual attire reminiscent of his first one, consisting of a long whitish tunic, held closed around his waist by a simple belt, loose green pants tucked inside simple boots, and a cream-coloured cape; he’s also donning his signature Sound Pod. He stares at the large mass of Fairy Tail’s building with a thoughtful expression.

???: “So you were here.”

Gildarts walks beside him, standing on the edge of the cliff and looking at the headquarters too.

Laxus: “Yeah… I know my place right now should be amongst you guys down there, but I just needed some time to think things out…”

Gildarts: “It’s not surprising, and I understand what you’re going through. That’s a great deal of responsibility required from you.”

Laxus: “So it would seem… But I won’t give up. Grandpa entrusted the Guild to me… I don’t care about making it the strongest anymore… Also, with such weaklings, over there” He nods at the Guild, hinting a smile: “it would be pointless. I just want those very same weaklings to be happy, and make them feel like grandpa did… For that goal, I’ll do everything.”

Gildarts: “That’s good of you. I’m sure you will manage to accomplish whatever you want… After all, I know few Mages of your age possessing this astonishing power of yours… And in case…” He puts his right arm on Laxus’ shoulder: “You’ll always have this old man ready to advise you and help you out, if you ever were to need his help.” Smiles.

Laxus (After remaining silent for some moments): “Thank you.”

Gildarts smiles and turns his back to Laxus, readying to return to the town.

Laxus: “Wait… I’d have a favour to ask you.”

Gildarts (Turning): “Uh?”

Laxus (Raising on his legs and turning to face Gildarts): “Fight me.”

Gildarts: “Uh? Is that one of yours “Who’s the strongest around” things?”

Laxus (Serious): “By no means. But, as my Ace, an older and more experienced member, as well as my senior, you’ll probably be the man I’ll mostly be relying upon. I’ve heard a lot about Gildarts Clive’s deeds and his huge power, said to be out of this world… But I want to test it out with my own hands.”

Gildarts: “Then you’re doing this for the Guild?”

Laxus: “Yes.”

Gildarts (With his eyes closed): “In this case there’s no reason I should avoid confrontation with you… But I warn you…” Opens his eyes, releasing a relatively “small” burst of Magical power around him: “I’m terrible at holding back.”

Laxus (Smiling): “Sounds good to me. Let’s do this.”

Unseen, on a tree away from the two, another small observer, like the one in the cemetery, watches on as Fairy Tail’s top Mages ready to confront each other.

Shikigami: “This looks like fun…”

Laxus rapidly raises his right arm, firing a lightning bolt in Gildarts’ direction. Gildarts ducks, but isn’t given a second to recover that Laxus is already on him, packing a punch. Gildarts dodges again, and Laxus attempts to kick him with his left leg, with his opponent managing to grab his foot.

Laxus: “Fast…”

Gildarts grins and tries to perform a takedown on Laxus using the grabbed foot, but is left with nothing in the hand as Laxus turns his body into a lightning and moves away, rapidly circling around the man and then rushing to strike him from the back.

Gildarts turns and rapidly extends his right arm in the lighting’s direction. An airy net-like object is created before him, which dashes against the incoming attack’s direction, literally splitting it into smaller, inoffensive versions of itself.

Gildarts: “Game over, Laxus… Uh?!”

The man is surprised to see the small lightning bolts fall harmlessly to the ground, blackening it with their sparks and then rapidly disappearing, leaving no trace behind.

Gildarts: “Oh man… Don’t tell me I did it again…” He stares rather scared and surprised at his right hand.

Shikigami: “What, already? It seems in the end he was just a weakling…”

??? (From behind Gildarts): “THUNDER FISSURE!”

Gildarts: “…UH?!”

Shikigami: “…Uh?”

Lightning suddenly emerges from the ground itself in a wide pillar enveloping the area several metres around Gildarts and raising up high in the sky.

Laxus is seen standing some meters away from it.

Laxus: “So that was Disassembly…”

He calmly stares at his attack, as it’s seemingly nullified from the inside. Gildarts is seen standing on the ravaged ground of the spell, unscathed, with his right arm extended towards the ground, the hand open.

Laxus: “And this is Crash…”

Gildarts: “Well, it’s a relief you’re still alive. For a moment, I thought I should have started holding back even when using Disassembly…”

Laxus grins.

Gildarts: “When did you remove yourself from that lightning?”

Laxus: “While you were trying to pinpoint its trajectory. I split it in two before sending it against you, in the meantime taking shelter behind you and casting my Thunder Fissure.”

Gildarts (Grinning): “You tricky brat… It seems you are really Makarov’s grandson…”

Shikigami: “Well, it seems he actually is worth something…”

The two laugh, staring at each other for some seconds. Then Gildarts darkens.

Gildarts: “But it’s not over yet. Here I come.”

He rapidly punches the ground, causing an enormous piece of rock to raise up, lifting a meter in the air from it. Before it can fall back, having divided it with Disassembly, he proceeds to rapidly punch all of the still large boulders composing it at Laxus. The other summons lightning on both of his arms, and starts demolishing every flying rock in small pieces. As he readies to destroy the last pair, Gildarts is already on him, having neared him while he was parrying. He tries to hit him with his prosthetic arm, but Laxus dodges.

He then proceeds to counterattack, empowering his right arm with lightning and moving it rapidly against his opponent’s chest. Before it can connect, however, Gildarts stops it with his iron prosthetic arm, dispersing the lightning. Laxus jumps back.

Laxus: “Focusing my attack on that metal arm and then suppressing it with your Magical aura… You really are something…”

Gildarts (Grinning): “You haven’t seen anything yet…”

Laxus: “And I wonder if I will…

He extends his left arm in Gildarts’ direction. Lightning surrounds it, rapidly taking the shape of seven pillars, which then sprout reptile heads, which twist and roar menacingly in Gildarts’ direction with their lightning jaws.


The ethereal “creatures” then rush in Gildarts’ direction, elongating their lightning bodies and trying to bite him with their shiny, sharp teeth. Gildarts dodges to the left, avoiding all of them at the same time, and rapidly uses Crash to destroy all of their heads at once. However, he’s shocked to see them reforming, each accompanied by another one, protruding from the main neck, for a total of fourteen heads.

Gildarts: “Wha…?”

Laxus: “It’s pointless. Every time you cut an head, two will sprout.”

Shikigami: “Wow, a pretty nasty spell we have there… I like it.”

Gildarts: “Dammit…!”

The heads start chasing Gildarts around, with their single necks elongating from the main one, linked to Laxus’ arm. Gildarts ducks and dodges, but is sometimes forced to parry, destroying heads and seeing others form.

Gildarts: “I’m tired of playing around…”

He remains still, seemingly waiting for the heads to it him. As they ready to strike, however, he rapidly uses Crash to block and destroy all of them at the same time. Using the slit second before they reform, he dashes forward, passing through the lightning mass ready to recreate them, and “grabs” the main neck, unravelling from Laxus’ arm.

Laxus: “Uh?!”

Gildarts: “SHOTEN: ARKANA!”

The main neck shatters in Gildarts’ hand, prompting the multitude of reptile heads to disappear with a loud roar.

Gildarts jumps back, readying to continue.

Shikigami: “To think that air-head idiot could achieve such control over it…”

Laxus: “You know… Someone inexperienced might think of that as a low-level spell, capable of shattering things only in an infinitesimal area… But for someone who knows the effect and the complexity of Crash, what you just did was an astonishing feat… To focus the overwhelming, all-crushing power of the Magic in such a small area… You truly are someone.”

Gildarts (Serious): “I just recently mastered it… I’ve got an important person to take care of now… If she were ever to be endangered, there’s no way I could employ Crash in its full power… That’s why I came up with this attack.”

Laxus smiles, without saying anything.

Gildarts smiles back, and then releases another “small” burst of Magical power.

Gildarts: “And, you know, I think she’d be embarrassed to see her father all beaten up by a brat… And I surely don’t want to be the one embarrassing her!”

Laxus (Sneering): “Bring it on, old man…!”

The two dash forward, bringing forth their right arms, and their fists clash.

An enormous amount of Magical power is released, sending a circular shockwave around them, with Gildarts’ side being composed of his overwhelming, plain Magical aura, and Laxus’ of his great Magical power manifested into lightning.

The two then start pummelling each other at extremely high speed, their fists intercepting as they try to reach each other’s face and chest. Every blow sends a shockwave around them.

Laxus and Gildarts then proceed to bend their heads backwards, staring at each other for a brief second. Then their head butts connect with a thump noise, their Magical powers acting as a shield between them, sending an even larger shockwave around the area and shaking the ground as an earthquake.

They jump backward, panting and staring at each other.

Laxus: “Pant… Pant…”

Gildarts: “Pant… Pant…”

Laxus: “Gildarts… I’ve got something to show you…”

Gildarts: “Uh?”

Laxus: “It’s something I’ve been keeping secret even from gramps himself…”

Gildarts: “Uh? And what could that be?”

Laxus: “Let me show you…”

As he says so, his canine teeth get pointed, and lightning starts to appear from his mouth.

Shikigami: “Uh-uh, so he’s going to use it… Clever boy…”

Gildarts (Shocked): “No way…!!! Don’t tell me…!!!”

Laxus: “RAIRYU NO HOKO!!!”

The lightning stored inside Laxus’ mouth is sent rushing forward in Gildart’s direction in an large beam, demolishing everything in its path and releasing a vast amount of light surrounding its target, light which is then taken over by a veil of smoke.

Laxus stands immobile, his teeth having returned to normal. As the smoke clears, Gildarts is seen standing, his right arm extended forward and partially stunned by the lightning, despite having nullified it with Crash.

Gildarts (Serious): “Laxus… Is that you father’s doing?”

Laxus: “Yeah…”

Gildarts (To himself): “Experimenting on your own son…” Enraged: “IWAN!!!”

Shikigami: “And he truly was a nice sample to try it on, my rival… Despite being frail, he was a perfect test subject… And the results were good, too… Ih ih ih…”

Laxus: “It’s alright…” He raises his right arm, looking at it: “This additional power my father granted me… Will be used against him, if he ever were to threaten Fairy Tail…”

Shikigami: “Oh? Do you think so?”

Gildarts: “Laxus…”

Laxus (Serious): “But I won’t have to rely on that power… For the real power lies behind the very same brats in that building…” He nods back in the headquarters’ direction: “I always looked down upon them… But that won’t happen again… For there’s another power I can rely upon, the power to crush everyone, leaving MY little squirts down there unscathed!!!”

He extends his arm forwards, and a bright sphere of light starts appearing between them, growing larger and larger.

Gildarts: “So it was true… You can use it…”

Shikigami: “No way…”

Laxus: “This is… Gramps’ power!!! FAIRY LAW!!! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

The sphere releases an incredible amount of light, enveloping the area and the entire, nearby Magnolia.

Shikigami: “No, it can’t be! No way! FUCK, STOP IIIIIIIT…”

The light clears.

Laxus and Gildarts are seen standing unharmed. On the other hand, the paper observer falls to the ground without a sound, as if he had lost its life, seemingly deprived of what allowed him to move and speak. And it’s not the only one. Throughout Magnolia, a multitude of small men like that fall down from their hideouts, now harmless, under the confused eyes of the unharmed citizens.


In a far off place, from the top of a scary tower, a loud scream of anger can be heard, prompting the crows crowding the dark fortress beneath to fly away in fear.

Raven Tail’s Master Iwan Dreyar clenches his fists.

Iwan (Angered): “How dare you… You little brat… I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!”


Fairy Tail’s building.

Fairy Tail members were surprised by the sudden appearance of such a bright light, briefly covering the evening sky and then disappearing as if nothing happened.

Jet: “Huh… What happened…?”

Droy: “What the heck was that thing just now?”

Levy (Scared): “That was…”

Gajeel: “… Fairy Law.”

Gray: “WHAT?”

Natsu: “The fuck!!! What is Laxus thinking?!”

Some Fairy Tail members (Comedic): “What is he up to?!”

Raijinshu (Comedic): “NOTHING! SHADDUP!”

Erza appears beside Natsu, putting one hand on his shoulder.

Erza: “Don’t worry… He’s not the old Laxus anymore… We don’t need to be worried…”

Natsu (Smiling): “Yeah… You’re right.”


Back on the cliff…

Laxus and Gildarts stand still, staring at each other.

Laxus: “I think we may call this over… Now I’m sure there’s no need to fear about my Ace’s skills…” He smiles.

The two Mages near each other and shake hands.

Gildarts: “I agree… Laxus…” He smiles: “You truly are Makarov’s grandson, it seems.”

Laxus (Smiles in response, then he remains silent for some seconds and stares in the headquarters’ direction): “Well, I suppose we should be heading back… The guys over there might be wandering about Fairy Law’s cast and the rest…”

Gildarts: “I guess you’re right. Let’s go.”

Gildarts (Thinking) *So that is the extent of his power… Truly remarkable… He’s still young, but when he grows older… He shouldn’t have troubles surpassing me…* He smiles.

The two leave the place, as the wind starts blowing gently, taking away with it the suffering of a family who just lost its beloved father, but carrying hope for its future, which shall be protected and promoted by two unmatched Mages.


Well, I congratulate you on reading it all… And if you just jumped to the end, and you’re reading these words, then know that you are just tricky bastards xD

Now, let’s say something about attacks:

  • Well, if you were wondering about it… “Shōten: Arcana” literally means “Focus: Arcana”, with both words referring to the spell’s characteristics: to FOCUS the devastating power of Crash in a single point in order to avoid casualties if Gildarts were to protect Cana, whose name is inspired by the ARCANA tarot card… Easy, no? xD
  • “Thunder Fissure” was just an easy name I came up with… Nothing too challenging, yet gets it across.
  • As for the “Sparking Hydra”, the meaning should be pretty clear… I don’t know if it’s that fitting for Laxus, but I liked the idea, so I used it xD
  • "Rairyū no Hōko" is just one of Laxus' canon named attacks... Check it out on his page =D

That should be all. I hope you enjoyed this… Ahem… Not very brief Fight Prediction of mine! =D

Bye folks! =D

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