It’s been some time, people.

This won’t be the continuation of the Fairy Tail vs Raven Tail fight… if someone still remembers about it, that is. I’ll have to think ‘bout continuing that one or stop altogether, since the REAL deal was shown already during the Games. I’ve still got ideas pretty clear, but… Whatever, time will tell.

The one you’re (maybe) going to read is a brand new Fight Prediction unrelated to my previous ones. The title and my tastes in terms of characters ought to have told it all already…

Sorry for any possible mistake. You know how I’m always arguing with my keyboard (though, deep down, we’re so in tune). Since the text is long (nothing new…) something might have escaped by checking sight. The same goes for possible broken links. If you have any trouble, feel free to comment and ask for explanations.

You might find some inconsistencies with the use of "he/it" and the related possessive adjectives. While I wanted to, in the end I didn't check. Maybe I will. If you feel like it, I'd appreciate comments about the various inconsistencies you happen to find, in order to correct them more easily.

Fine, let’s start.

Crocus is in mayhem. The once regal and imposing Mercurius is nothing but ruins, a huge pillar of strong, fast-moving Magic energy extending up from it to the sky, covered in dark clouds and ploughed through by lightning bolts and thunders. Citizens desperately rush to the town’s exits, escaping from the creatures which are making it out from the eerie pillar in large masses: demons of every size and shape, some wielding weapons, some flying above the roofs with their bat-like wings. All “children” of Zeref’s twisted Living Magic, moved only by their urge to kill.

The only visible glimpse of the sky shows an humongous, dark sphere, its edges outlined by bright light… The sun and the moon intersecting.

In the southern sector of the town, several of the Kingdom’s soldiers is running, too.

Soldier 1: Hell, what’s going on…?!

Soldier 2: This must be it… That secret “Eclipse” thing the higher-ups mentioned… Something must have gone wrong!

Soldier 1: “Eclipse”? What’s that?

Soldier 2: Don’t know… I think it has something to do with that Fairy Tail girl kidnapped a while ago…

Soldier 1 “Blushing and smiling”: Yeah, I remember… The big-boobed one! Maaaaaan, she’s so haaaawwwwt!

Other soldiers are talking in the same group.

Soldier 3 “Pointing at a massive building sitting on the same street”: Guys, what are we doing?! We can’t just run for it! The hospital is right here…!!! There must be ill people unable to move there! We have to get them out of here!

Soldier 4: It’s too late to go back now! We’ve got to go…!

Soldier 3 “Clenching his teeth”: This can’t be real… It’s not happening…

A distorted, crackly voice is heard above the group.

???: A hospital, you say? So there actually is a place where you can carry out a slaughter without people running around? Thanks for the information, ahahaha! Soldier 3 “Surprised”: What the…?!

Soldier 4 “Alarmed”: WATCH OUT…!!!

A boulder is dropped on the small group from above, sending its members flying in different directions.

Soldier 5: Guys…! Are you alright…?!

Soldier 6 “Staring towards the sky”: Holy… crap…

Soldier 5: What…

A group of humanoid, flying demons with beak-shaped mugs and sharp claws is floating some meters from the ground.

Demon 1: So, should we indulge ourselves in slaughtering those idiots… or spill some ill and helpless blood?

Demon 2: Seriously… Do you need to ask?

All demons laugh out loudly as they start flying the hospital’s direction.

Soldier 4: STOOOP…!!!

Soldier 3: NOOOO…!!!

Inside the hospital, medical attendants are running around in turmoil, moving beds to try and evacuate patients who can’t walk on their legs. In a room, a young woman is lying in a bed, tenderly hugging the scared, teddy bear-wielding girl who’s hugged to her chest.

Girl: Mommy, what’s happening…?

Woman “Stroking the girl’s head”: Don’t worry, honey, it’s alright… We’ll soon be out of here… Don’t be afraid, your mommy is here with you.

A boy, slightly older than the girl is watching out of the window.

Boy: Mommy…

Woman: Yes, honey?

Boy: Something’s coming.

Woman “Leaning over a bit to see from the window”: Honey, what are you…

The woman turns pale at the sight of a flock of flying beings moving towards the building she and her children are in.

Woman: NOOOOO! Children, run!

Boy & Girl: Mommy!

Attendants: What’s going o… Dammit! They found us!

In the street.

Soldiers: Stop…!!!

Demon 1: ATTACK!!!

In the hospital.

Girl “Crying”: MOMMY…!

???: Worry not…

In the street.

????: Don’t worry…

In the hospital.

Mommy “Crying and hugging her two children”: Uh?

???: … for you won’t be injured any further.

In the street, the demons notice some people standing before the hospital’s entrance.

????: … for our spirit is always WILD!!!

When the man with a crazy, bifurcated hairdo finishes pronouncing his words, the other three individuals standing at his sides inspire.

Guy with a bandanna and a long nose, large guy with a ponytail and earmuffs, even larger guy with a face which is partly blue and partly white wearing a weird hood: FUOH!!!

Soldiers “With amazed looks”: THOSE GUYS…???!!!

Woman, children, attendants, other patients “With amazed looks”: THOSE GUYS…???!!!

Demon 2: Who the hell are those guys?

Woman, children, attendants, other patients “With comically resigned expressions”: Sheesh, we’re screwed.

??? (a man lying on a hospital bed, almost completely wrapped up in bandages, with only his eyes visible, and a leg suspended, now in a state of comedic anger): HAVE SOME TRUST…!!!

Rocker: Come on, guys! Let’s protect innocent… WIDLY! Battle formation!

Teammates: FUOH!

Demon 1: Who cares about who they are! Let’s just tear them apart!

Demon 2: Hell right! Your men crush them!

A small part of the demons cry out loud as they charge towards the small group of Mages.

Rocker “Looking as if he’s focusing for battle”: Wiiiiiiiild…

Woman, children, attendants, other patients, soldiers: HERE THEY COME!

Teammates: … FUOOOOOOOHHH!!!

The first wave of demons is sent flying backwards, its members repelled with great force. The Quatro Cerberus members stand tall.

Demon 2 “Amazed”: WHAT…?!

Woman, children, attendants, other patients, soldiers “Comically amazed”: WHAT…?!

The Quatro Cerberus members retain their fighting poses, calm and serious.

Demon 2: T’was just a lucky shot! It’s not happening again! EVERYONE, CRUSH THEM!!!

It’s the entire group of flying beings which now charges at the much smaller group of Mages. This time, a longer confrontation is bound to ensue.

Rocker is assaulted by two demons, clawing at him. He evades the first, coming from his left, elbows him in the neck, knocking him to the ground, and then focuses on the other, bulkier assailant, bearing notably large scales on his body. He grabs his wrist before his claws can reach him, and then aims a punch at the creature’s chest with his left hand. The motion causes the two to rotate, with the demon getting smashed against the hospital’s wall, and the momentum from the blow creating visible cracks in it. Despite the punch’s remarkable power, however, the demonic creature seems unaffected, smiling defiantly as he notices a grimace on Rocker’s face.

Demon: It’s useless! My skin’s as hard as steel! You’re not breaking it, no matter how hard you try! I’m M’Bakka of the Crimson Shield, and I’ll be the one to seal your doom!

Rocker “Grinning”: Sheesh… You’re more leathery than I thought… Guess I’ll have to do things more wildly.

Rocker’s left forearm starts spinning on itself, gaining more and more speed.

M’Bakka “Amazed”: What the…?!


Rocker’s spinning forearm sends M’Bakka crashing through the hospital’s outer wall, and through several inner walls, before ultimately expelling him through the outer wall on the other side. Patients and attendants alike, all unharmed, are shown watching on in disbelief as they observe the massive holes.

Rocker “From outside”: Is everyone alright?

Patients and attendants: Y… yeah…

Rocker “Grinning”: Wiiiiiild.

A “FUOH!” is heard from three other parts of the battlefield.

Elsewhere, some demons are hovering above a group of massive flytraps covered in spikes, stationed on the ground, which close their jaws in vain due to the inability to reach the opponents.

Demon 3: Ah, those plants are too stupid! There’s no way they’re catching us…

Demon 4: Yeah, no… WATCH OUT!

The demonic beings barely evade the bite of yet another flytrap, this sprouting from the top of a nearby building alongside some of its kind.

Yaeger: Damn, close.

Demon 3: You bastard! Sprouting them on walls now?

Yaeger: I ain’t done yet! Come, Fuffy!

Yaeger points one of his massive arms towards the ground, the finger outstretched. A roaring loud sound accompanies the appearance of a huge, four-headed flytrap from the roof of a nearby building. Each “head” bears two horns at its sides.

Woman “Comically amazed”: How is THAT THING supposed to be called Fuffy…?!

Boy and Girl: Fuffyyyyyyyyy!

Attendants: Look at that thing!

Demon 3: More of them!

Demon 4: Sheesh, this one’s giant!

The demons evade all of the plant’s jaws by getting far enough.

Demon 3: Ahah! Still not working!

Yaeger: We’ll see!

Yeager extends his right arm in the demons’ direction.

Yaeger: Brüllen Samen!

All of the four-headed flytrap’s mouths gurgle a bit before firing a barrage of massive seeds, fast-moving sound at the flying opponents.

Demon 3: Duck!

The demons split up to avoid the incoming attack. The seeds miss them, hitting a wall and destroying it.

Demon 4: See, this guy’s a pushov… WHAAAAAAA!

All demons bring their hands to their ears as an extremely loud, continuous sound, similar to a burst of firearm but much, much louder, is emitted from the site of the explosion.

Demon 3: What the fuck’s up with those see… GAAAAH!

While trying to distance themselves from the sound’s source, the demons get caught by the flytraps they’d previously avoided, who start chewing on them.

Demon 4: Dammit...!

Yaeger “Grinning and hitting his left earmuff with his index and middle finger” You should consider getting something like this.

In yet another place, a bunch of demons around Nobarly, dodging the attacks he performs with an oversized mallet, dark in color but having a yellow shade to it, which appears to be composed of a rubbery material.

Demon 5: It’s no use!

Demon 6: Give up already, you’re not catching us with that!

Nobarly: Sheesh, you guys are pretty fast…

Demon 6: Come on, brothers! Let’s crush this insect!

All demons charge at the Quatro Cerberus Mage at once.

Woman: Oh my…

Attendant: Thet one’s the guy who got that low score with the Magic Power Finder! Surrounded like that, he’s gonna get killed!

Bandaged man: Worry not…

Attendant: Uh?

Bandaged man: … For that’s no indication f what Nobarly can do.

Outside, Nobarly rapidly lays the hammer down. He proceeds to extend his right arm, slightly bent upwards, the fist clenched, before him, grabbing its forearm with his left hand.

Nobarly: Rubber-Make…

Attendants: What?! Creation Magic?!

Nobarly: … Impact Wall!

The Quatro Cerberus Mage moves his right arm sideways, surrounding an area of some meters around him with a dark, dome-shaped structure, which hides him from sight.

Boy and girl: Gummy!

Demon 6: What?! You think some stupid rubber can stop us?! Fool!

The demons collide with the rubbery wall. Their claws partially pierce through its surface, but don’t manage to reach the airy space beneath it, instead becoming stuck in what they’ve tried to break.

Demon 6: Dammit, I can’t pull my claws out! Hey, what the…

Small clouds of yellow smoke start appearing from the struck points.

Woman: What’s that…

Bandaged man: Nobarly’s isn’t just mere rubber… It’s Magical vulcanized rubber… Meaning that, when struck, it will release the sulphur inside it…

Demon 6 “Now partly enveloped in light”: Da… mn!

Bandaged man: … which will explode.

The stuck demons are caught in a bright explosion, being sent flying to the ground, with their claws being freed by the disappearance of the rubbery wall. Nobarly is still standing where he was last seen, unharmed.

Bandaged man “Grinning under his bandages”: Nobarly’s power comes out only if he’s attacked… He’s no good at Magic Power shows.

Demon 6 “Stunned and trying to get up”: Damn it, this bastar…

Nobarly: Rubber-Make: Mallet!

The demon is smashed into the ground by the rubber hammer which Nobarly was wielding previously.

Demon 7: Why you…

As the demon is getting up on his feet, Nobarly assumes his casting stance.

Nobarly: Rubber-Make: Morning Star!

A massive, round sphere covered in spikes appears from above the demon, smashing him into the ground with the first bounce, and then sending him flying through a nearby building with the second.

Nobarly: Here I come! Rubber-Make: Mallet! Morning Star! Mallet! Morning Star! Mallet!

Nobarly finishes off the demons he was engaged with using a combination of melee blows with the hammer and ranged attacks with the falling spiked spheres.

Bandaged man: Though really… Nobarly’s real asset his is creativity.

Woman, children, attendants, other patients “With comically amazed looks”: HE’S NOT BEING CREATIVE AT ALL…!!!

In another part of the battlefield, the soldiers have gathered and are observing the ongoing confrontation.

Soldier 1: These guys… to think they could do this after all the failures they collected in the Games…

Soldier 2: They really are something…

Soldier 3: Guys, we can’t just sit here idly while those Mages fight for us! We’ve got to help them out!

Soldier 4: Help them? What are we supposed to do against those demons? It would be pointless!

Crackly voice above the small group: Damn right, it’d be useless!

Soldier 4: What…?!

The soldiers look to the sky, noticing the group of demons floating above them.

Soldier 2: Damn!

Demon 8: Ah! You guys are actually still alive? Don’t worry, we’re fixing this right away! I’m handling them myself, guys!

Demon 9 “Laughing”: Get them, sergeant Gor!

Soldier 3: Wha…

The demon known as Gor extends his right hand towards the group, his claws outstretched. A column of dark glyph appears around it, whirling around as Magic energy is gathered before the creature’s hand..

Gor: Eat this! GLYPH CANNON!

The energy is fired at the Kingdom’s soldiers in a massive beam, surrounded by sharp spark-like trails.


Soldier 3 “Bending his head, resigned”: It’s over…

?????: Don’t worry! Help is coming!

Soldiers: Uh?

A bulky figure is shown interposing itself between the targets and the attack at the last moment, having gotten close by heavily trumping the ground.

?????: Construct Soul

The beam explodes when striking this figure, and a smokescreen is raised from the site of the explosion.

Soldier 3: What… happened?

When the smokes clears, Semmes is shown standing before the unharmed soldiers. There’s not a single injury on him, but his appearance change drastically: most of his body now appears to be composed of squared stones, he has a line of small cannons protruding from a massive metal ring which circles his lower torso in correspondence to his belly, and the spheres at his hood’s sides have turned into small trumpets; on top of his head sits a small pitched roof, which on its top bears a similarly-sized banner weathercock.

Semmes: … Alfion!

Soldier 1: He… he stopped it!

Soldier 3: Thanks, sir!

Soldier 4: What’s up with his body…?

Soldier 2: Did he just say… Alfion?! As the Magical Fortress Alfion?!

Inside the hospital.

Attendant: Hey… Did that guy just say… Soul? Could this be…

Patient: … Take Over?!

Attendant: Take Over? Isn’t that supposed to transform people into monsters, like those Strauss guys from the Games? That doesn’t even look like a living being!

Bandaged man: Semmes’ Magic is indeed Take Over… And what he takes over are things constructed through Magic.

Woman: What…?!

Bandaged man: That’s right… While they may not be living beings, objects and buildings constructed through Magic still bear the mark of their constructor’s soul… and hence can be taken over. That’s Semmes’ Magic: Construct Soul.


Semmes: Don’t worry! Every attack is futile before this WILD defense!

Voices from other parts of the battlefield: FUOOOOOOH!

Soldier 2 “Comically amazed, whispering to a comrade”: Will they keep this “wild” thing up for long…

Semmes: FUOH!

Voices from other parts of the battlefield: FUOOOOOOH!

Soldier 2 “Comically resigned”: It can’t be helped…

Demon 9 “Amazed”: That guy… He just blocked Sergeant Gor’s Glyph Cannon! Amazing!

Gor “Enraged”: Why, you…

Semmes: And I’m taking you down!

Semmes extends his arms to his sides. The ring on his belly starts spinning, with the cannons placed at the front (changing continuously) releasing a barrage of massive projectiles in the demons’ direction.


Gor: Get cover!

The demons rapidly scatter, evading the Mage’s attack. Semmes performs several movements, changing the projectiles’ trajectory, but is still unable to catch the flying opponents.

Demon 10: Ahah! Don’t worry, guys! He’s not getting us like this!

Gor: Fool… We might be unable to hurt you, but the same goes for you!

Semmes: Then I’ll just have to get WILDER! Construct Soul

The multiple cannons circling Semmes’ body disappear, replaced by a larger, single one, with a short but massive barrel. Magic energy is gathered before it, growing larger in size.

Demon 9: Ah! Another cannon! It’s useless, you’re not hitting us!

Gor “Amazed”: Wait… That’s not a mere cannon… That’s…

Semmes: … JUPITER JR.!

A very massive blast is fired from the cannon, striking the entirety of the wide area the demons are floating in, catching them all.

Gor: Guaaaahhh!!!

All demons fall to the ground.

Soldiers: This guy…

In the hospital.

Boy, girl, attendants: Amazing…

Bandaged man: That Jupiter Jr. he took over really is a fine weapon.

Woman “Realizing something”: Hey… How come you know so much about them?

The bandaged man takes a moment to answer. He sighs deeply.

Bandaged man: That’s because…

The bandaged man moves his right hand to his face, grabbing the bandages covering it, and the left one to the shelf close to his bed, where, still unnoticed by the others, sits a cape made of fur, with a cartoonish dog head for a hood. The man’s left hand grabs onto it.

Woman “Amazed”: That cape…!

The bandaged man tears away the bandages from his face and body, revealing his appearance and usual outfit, which is completed by the addition of the cape.

War Cry: ... I’M ONE OF THEM!

Attendants: That’s Quatro Cerberus’ War Cry!

Attendant: I remember… He was injured during his match with Orga Nanagear… To think we had him here all along and I hadn’t realized…

War Cry: I’m moving on to the battle!

Attendant: Stop, Mr. War Cry! You can’t go like that! We don’t know whether your injuries will allow you to…

War Cry: My body is alright…

Before the attendant can do anything to stop him, War Cry jumps out of the window into the battlefield.

War Cry: … because my soul will always be WILD!

Rocker, Yaeger, Nobarly and Semmes “Crying overjoyed comedic tears”: WAR CRY!!!

War Cry: I’m back, brothers! And I’m ready to be WIIIIILD again!

Rocker, Yaeger, Nobarly and Semmes: FUOOOOH!!!

War Cry lands on the ground on his legs. A group of demons soon target him.

Demon 10: Let’s give this guy a lesson! He’s just been hospitalized, he’ll be a pushover!

Demons: YEAH!

War Cry remains still. His eyes start to become bathed in tears.

Demon 11 “Showing its sharp claws”: Ha, look at him! He’s crying! What is it, little boy? Are you afraid? Don’t worry, you’ll no longer be afraid in a moment!

Boy and girl: Mommy, why is he crying?

Woman: I remember it… His Magic…

Attendant: Tear Magic...!

War Cry stands still, as if he was focusing.

War Cry “To himself”: Remember… The loss to Sabertooth… Our defeat in the Games… Jenny preferring Guy to me when I asked her out… A man with a comb-over dining alone by candle light… A stray kitten without home or family… GYAAAAHHHHH!!!

As he says these things, War Cry starts crying more and more profusely. His tears flow out like rivers… Rivers which now curve upwards in the incoming demons’ direction.

Demon 12: Uh?! What the hell’s up with those tears?!

Demon 13: I don’t kno…

Before the demon can finish its sentence, both it and several of its comrades are struck by War Cry’s tears, now turned into flying waves, and dragged by them.

Demon 12: What the hell are you doing?! Come here!

The demons don’t oppose any resistance to the flow, their eyes filling with tears.

Demon 13 “Crying”: I… Don’t know… Right now… I only feel like crying!

Demon 14 “Crying”: Me too! What we’re doing… Feels so sad!

Demon 12: What’s wrong with them…?!

Demon 15: It’s that liquid! Stay away from it!

Some of the demons, in order to avoid the tears, land on the ground. As they move some steps in War Cry’s direction, however, they notice something on the ground: thousands of small, transparent drops… Dew.

Demon 16: What the…

War Cry: Eos

In a matter of seconds, all of the demons who landed sit on the ground, crying profusely; some on their own, others hugging.

Demon 12 “Having gotten closer to the ground but not landed”: Shit, we can’t fight on the ground either! Those stupid tears produced dew with their same effects!

As it says so, a massive figure appears behind it, his massive body bulging with muscles and thick veins, and the dog’s head composing the hood he wears having gained a wild, beastly appearance.

War Cry “Taller and way more massive”: Only through tears…

Demon 12 “Shocked”: WHA…?!

War Cry: … will people become STRONGER!!!

War Cry uses his enhanced size to punch away the demons floating above him, sending them crashing through a wall several meters away from them.

Woman, boy, girl: Amazing…


Voices from other parts of the battlefield: FUOOOOOOH!

Rocker: Well done, War Cry! You’ve healed wildly!

War Cry “Returning to his original size”: Fuoh! Sorry, brothers… But I have to go!

War Cry starts running towards the town’s inner part.

Rocker: Hey, where are you going!

War Cry “Crying as he runs”: I NEED TO FIND A STRAY KITTEN!!!

Rocker: Sheesh…

War Cry’s run stops suddenly when a multitude of heavy steps is heard.

The Quatro Cerberus members and the others look around, confused.

War Cry: Uh?

Yaeger: What’s going on?

The building facing the hospital collapses, creating a smokescreen.

Soldiers: What was that…

As the smoke clears, a large group of demons are shown standing on the ruins. Those lack wings, but are completely covered in very large, dark scales, resembling samurai armors to a degree, and have each hand flanked by a large, jagged blade coming out of their forearms; the blade attached to the right hand is notably larger than the one flanking the left. Soldiers: More of them!

Attendant: These ones are different…!

(Flying) Demon 16 “Sneering”: It was time…

(Flying) Demon 17: Behold, poor fools! The Hard Scarab Assault Team! See whether you can break through their defenses!

Rocker “Grinning”: This is a WILD invitation!

War Cry, Yaeger, Nobarly, Semmes: FUOOOH!!!

Boy and girl “Amused”: Fuooooh!

Woman “With a comically resigned look”: Oh man…

Rocker: Leave them to me, guys!

Rocker interposes himself between the collapsed building and the rest of his comrades.

The Hard Scarab Assault Team starts moving in the direction of the Quatro Cerberus’ Mage, its members marching in unison and showing no emotion whatsoever.

Demon 16: What a fool! He’s running to his death!

Rocker stands still. He diagonally places his bent arms before him, each pointing in its opposite direction, with the open palms, the fingers slightly bent in a claw-like fashion, facing towards the incoming opponents. He assumes a focused look, retaining it for some seconds, and then jumps high up in the air.

Rocker: It’s showtime…

Rocker’s entire body starts spinning on itself, with his figure becoming obscured by the spinning motion.

Woman: That Magic again…

Rocker: MOHOLE!!!

The human drill descends down diagonally on the armoured creatures. Part of them are sent flying, others fall down in the huge hole created by the assault, with large cracks extending from it to the surrounding area, and other parts of the street caving in. Fragments of broken carapaces are scattered everywhere as the demons’ armor is shown to be inappropriate against the offense of the Quatro Cerberus’ Mage. The armored group is rapidly gone.

Demon 16 “Shocked”: This is a joke…

Soldiers: He… he took all of them out!

Boy and Gir: Woooooow!

Woman, attendants: What offensive power…!

The opponents gone, Rocker stops spinning, his body returning to normal as he lands back on a solid section of the ground.

Rocker “Grinning”: Wild.

War Cry, Yaeger, Semmes, Nobarly “Excited”: FUOH!!!

Demon 17: How come…

The Quatro Cerberus members regroup.

Rocker: Did you guys have enough? You’re not match for the WIIIILD ones!

War Cry, Yaeger, Semmes, Nobarly: FUOH!!!

Demon 16 “Grimacing”: You damns humans…

The demon’s grimace suddenly turned into a sneer.

Demon 16: Don’t think you’ve won… The best is yet to come!

The demon produces a long, high-pitched sound.

Nobarly: What’s up with him?

The ground starts rumbling and trembling as a dark shade gradually covers the hospital, now several meters way from the Quatro Cerberus Mages.

Yaeger: That…!

Attendants: What’s going on…?!

A demon now stands behind the hospital. Its look is more beastly than most of its kinsmen’s, with a sturdy body with no neck, four massive arms, clawed feet and a rounded head sporting three oval, pupil-less eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Its most notable trait, however, is the height… which is roughly a hundred times the size of its cousins.

Attendants: Dammit!!!

Quatro Cerberus members: What is that…?! Demon 16: You’ve made a terrible mistake… You got too far from what you were protecting! And you’re paying the consequences!

The giant demon opens its mouth, a large amount of energy being gathered before it.

Semmes: That can’t be…!

Rocker: Dammit! It’s targetING the hospital!

Nobarly: We won’t make it in time!

Attendants: IT’S TOO LATE!!!

Soldiers: DAMMIT!!!

Boy and Girl “Hugging their mother”: MOMMY!!!

Woman “Hugging back”: NOOOOO!!!

The mass of energy gets larger and larger.

Before the attack can be performed, however, something happens. The roofs close to the giant resonate of fast footsteps, a shadowy figure jumping several tens of meters high up in the sky from them, reaching a point before the demon’s upper thorax. The stranger spins on himself in midair once before aiming a kick at the huge creature with its right leg.

One moment, the demon is aiming its beam, standing in Crocus’ downtown. The other, it’s sent flying hundreds of meters away from the town as if it’d been hit by a creature ten times its size. The huge beam it was firing is sent towards the sky, momentarily opening a hole in the clouds.

The mysterious figure lands back on the hospital’s roof .

Not a sound is heard for several instants. Then shock ensues.

Demon 16: IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Demon 17: You’re kidding me…

Woman “Still hugging her children”: He… he kicked it away…


Soldier: WHO… WHO IS THAT GUY…?!

The Quatro Cerberus Mages watch on, silent but surprised. Their faces slowly start to show surprise and happiness.

Rocker: That… that is…

The stranger sneers, the tattoo representing a highly elaborated “4” visible on his muscular back. His straight black hair is left hanging on his shoulders.

Stranger “Retaining his satisfied sneer”: Sheesh, it appears my soul is still today… Can’t seem to get pumped up…

Rocker, War Cry, Yaeger, Nobarly, Semmes: BACCHUS-san!!!

Soldiers: That is Quatro Cerberus’ Bacchus!

Woman: I remember what he did during the Chariot event… Guess it’s no surprise then.

Bacchus: You guys can’t seem to handle yourselves when I’m not around… Are you being wild?

Rocker, War Cry, Yaeger, Nobarly, Semmes: FUOOOOH! We’re always wild!

Bacchus “Sneering”: Good.

Rocker: Bacchus-san, what’s up with your hair?

Bacchus: Oh, this?

Bacchus blushes visibly as a “though balloon” by his side shows Mirajane and Lisanna Strauss wearing revealing lingerie.

Bacchus: I though that, if I changed something in my style, maybe the girls would change theirs…

Rocker, War Cry, Yaeger, Nobarly, Semmes “Comically amazed”: WHAT KIND OF TWISTED REASONING IS THAT…???!!!

In the sky above the group and their comedic scene.

Demon 16: This guy… He’s more dangerous than the others…

Demon 17: That right now was luck! It ain’t happening again!!!

The demon produces a sound similar to the one used previously by his kinsman.

Another giant demon, identical to its predecessor, now makes its appearance, emerging from the ground before the hospital, between Bacchus and the other Quatro Cerberus members, not far from the cracks previously created by Rocker’s attack.

Soldiers: Another one!

Rocker: We’re handling this one, Bacchus-san! We’ll do it wildly!

Bacchus: Leave it!

Bacchus yet again jumps high up into the air, several meters above the creature’s head. The monster moves its massive arms upwards, readying to punch the S-Class Mage, who bends both arms, his palms pointing towards his foe.

Bacchus: Chop Hanging Palm

War Cry: Here it comes…

The demon roars loudly as Bacchus gets closer. The Mage’s hands then start moving back and forth at blinding speed.

Bacchus: … Nosedived Falcon!

A barrage of fast-moving, flat energy beams strikes the giant, the extremely high speed of Bacchus’ blows making it look like he has tens of arms. The demon feels the blow, falling to its massive knees and eventually collapsing in parallel to the street. A large smokescreen is raised from the impact.

Soldier 16: U-unreal…

Soldier 4 “To Soldier 3”: Hey, are you alright?

Soldier 3: Yes, I’m fine… Though really…

The Quatro Cerberus members are now all together, standing by the downed demon’s body.

Soldier 3: … These guys are something.

Boy: Mommy, mommy! They took that down as well!

Girl: They are strong!

Woman: Yeah, darlings… they are.

Bacchus: Guess this one’s down as well.

Rocker, War Cry, Yaeger, Nobarly, Semmes: You were great, Bacchus-san!

Bacchus: T’was nothing special… Now then…

Bacchus looks up to the sky, staring at the surviving demons.

Bacchus: Why don’t you come and get your share as well? We’re all here!

The demons remain silent, their shock and hesitation obvious.

In a matter of seconds they’re all gone, fled to other parts of the town.

Bacchus: And that settles it…

Nobarly: They’re all gone!

Semmes: Victory!

Yaeger: We did it!

War Cry “Crying in happiness”: WAAAAAH!!!

Rocker: That’s how you do things wildly!

Soldiers, attendants and patients hug each other.

Soldier 4: They did it for real!

Soldier 2: Those guys… Are those really the ones who got beaten that bad in the Games?

Boy: Mommy! I want to be wild when I grow up!

Girl: Fuoh!

Woman “Hugging both her children”: Ahah! You already are, darling!

The Quatro Cerberus members are shown in a circle, their arms raised to the sky.

Quatro Cerberus members: WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD!!!


So, here ends this Prediction. Hope you liked it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, yeah, this whole thing was a boundless, maybe exaggerated tribute to Quatro Cerberus, stuffed with clichés and structured in a linear way. Still, I’m tired of Mashima trolling my favourite guild, so I decided to give it the spotlight no matter how sickly sweet the result was.

If you like Fiore’s wildest guild and, like me, are outraged by the way Mashima treated them (at least so far… After all, hope never dies), then what I wrote should please you, in any case. If you’re neutral to them, maybe you still managed to enjoy it. If you’re haters, on the other hand… fuck you maybe this isn’t what you should be reading.

Now, on to some notes and stuff. Here’s a little list dedicated to the characters and to the abilities I had them showcase.

  • For someone who was given 5 in Offense in the Games’ stats (not that they’re always indicative… “Cough” Sabertooth “Cough”), Rocker hasn’t had the chance to show some destructive power yet. I decided to make up for it in this text. Not only I had his H2H abilities better shown (a brawler-like fighting style is what suits him the most, if you ask me), but I also made sure to give him a badass, all-wreaking move; such technique’s name, Mohole, comes from the Mohole Project, a project to drill through the “upper” layer of the Earth. It’s also worth noting how “Mohole” was supposed to be the name of one of the main characters in the Mr. Palomar novel by Italo Calvino; the character, in the end, didn’t make it to the actual story, with all the spotlight going to the homonymous protagonist of the novel (this one named after the Palomar Observatory).
  • Not getting to see War Cry’s Magic was a real disappointment (and I’m still hoping we have a chance to see it in the future), so I decided to “create it anew” by myself. Just like Aries’ wool makes opponents relaxed, I decided to have War Cry’s tears make opponents “sad”. As for the dew formed by his tears with the “Eos” spell, it’s a reference to the Greek goddess of the dawn, Eos, who, according to legends, gave birth to dew with her tears. As for the “bulking” part… Well, “only through tears will people become stronger”, right? I thought a guy increasing his muscle mass would have been fitting for Cerberus’ theme, and so I went with it.
  • I wanted Yaeger to use his flytraps in an intelligent way. “Fuffy” is something which I thought of quite randomly (Harry Potter fans out there should have recognized the name already…), while the idea of noisy seeds links to his ear-muffs, giving them a “practical” reason for being there. “Brüllen Samen” is German for “Roar Seed”; I chose to use German for his shown spell due to the German feeling he has to his name (check October’s issue of Real Tail for more information).
  • The only time Nobarly employed his Magic in the Games wasn’t shown, and his Magic Power, according to the MPF, is nothing special. I wanted to make up for this usual, excessive trolling, and so I created Rubber-Make. I thought that a Creation Mage could be something useful and interesting in any guild, and that the ability to manufacture what he wants might have been an asset great enough to cancel the weakness of a low Magic Power. The idea of rubber exploding on foes was due to the 4 he was given in Defense… Maybe rubber isn’t resistant as something which cancels Magic or intangible like a water body, but explosive rubber still makes for a pretty tricky shield, right?
  • Those who'd happened to read the page about my favourite characters should be aware of what I think might be a fitting Magic for someone with 1 in Speed and 5 in both Attack and Defense… Only thing is, I made it into a Take Over here. A wild guild like Cerberus might need someone with a Magic associated with transforming into beasts… Only thing is, I didn’t want to recycle “Souls”, so I went with a completely new one. Now, on to the attacks… “Alfion” is the name of a mythological Greek poet (couldn’t find a Wikipedia page for him, preposterous) who was said to have built the walls of Thebes with the sound of his music… Hence the fortress technique. “Navarone”, as some might have imagined, comes from the film “The Guns of Navarone”. The “Jupiter Jr.” was just a nice thing I thought of… I’d considered giving Semmes the real deal, but in the end came to see it as too powerful.
  • Bacchus… Yeah, Bacchus. I wanted him to show his herculean strength again as a confirmation (it’s not the first time Mashima gives a certain character a certain skill and then forgets that altogether…), and had him use his legs again for such purpose because I thought that, having Magic Power focused in his hands to increase his offensive abilities, Bacchus would train his lower body to be dangerous as well. His “Nosedived Falcon”, as far as I imagine, should be written like 急降下の鷹 in Japanese, and read “Kyūkōka no Taka” (yeah, I provided no kanji/romaji for the others’ techniques, since I used other languages for them… If you want to provide them yourselves, be my guests); “Falcon” obviously being a reference to Bacchus’ epithet, and “Nosedived” stemming from the attack’s downward motion. I initially wanted it to be a Drunk-Chop Hanging Palm technique, but "didn't find the literary time" to have Bacchus drink. As for his hair... I'm really curious to know how Bacchus would look without his Chinese-looking "headgear", and I've also got a pretty clear image in mind, so I decided to bring such "picture" in this text as well.
  • The demons were basically cannon fodder, so I didn’t put much effort into them (though I’ve grown somewhat fond of the gigantic ones… they look sort of cute to me). The flying ones are real basic, the armored ones were meant to be cooler, and their blades of varying size were supposed to resemble the traditional Japanese daishō, the combination of the long sword (katana) and the short one (wakizashi). If you’re wondering why a group of Japanese-based beings is named after an insect which is traditionally Egyptian… Well, you decide. M’Bakka of the Crimson Shield, Gor and his Glyph Cannon are all random stuff thought to give the wildest Mages in Fiore some vaguely more challenging foes (though the named attack is supposed to be a reference to all the glyphs/seals-based techniques in the series).

Anything else? Yeah, to tell it all. I’d considered giving either Nobarly or Semmes a new form of Seith Magic, but ultimately went for their current ones. Hope you found them fitting for the characters, or at least interesting.

So, I guess we’re done here. Thanks for reading (either the entire Prediction or just the notes), and see you next time!

Oh, yeah, was almost forgetting. The Eclipse crisis was solved, and everyone lived happily ever after.


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