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  • Aldarinor

    It’s been some time, people.

    This won’t be the continuation of the Fairy Tail vs Raven Tail fight… if someone still remembers about it, that is. I’ll have to think ‘bout continuing that one or stop altogether, since the REAL deal was shown already during the Games. I’ve still got ideas pretty clear, but… Whatever, time will tell.

    The one you’re (maybe) going to read is a brand new Fight Prediction unrelated to my previous ones. The title and my tastes in terms of characters ought to have told it all already…

    Sorry for any possible mistake. You know how I’m always arguing with my keyboard (though, deep down, we’re so in tune). Since the text is long (nothing new…) something might have escaped by checking sight. The same goes for possible broke…

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  • Aldarinor

    Third Fight Prediction!

    August 31, 2011 by Aldarinor

    Hi guys!

    I know it’s been some time since my last Fight Prediction… But I hope it will be worth it! =D

    Let’s not indulge ourselves in chatting… May the Fight Prediction begin! xD


    The day is dull, the sun hidden away by greyish clouds. It’s cold outside, something which prompted all of the Fairy Tail members currently in town to take shelter in their headquarters… The memory of their Master’ funeral still vivid in their heads.

    Cana (hugged to a barrel): “Maaaaan, this cold day is perfect for some snuggling up with my boyfriend…” Looks at the barrel and whispers, loving: “Isn’t that right, baby?”

    Mirajane (serving at the tables, with Lisanna helping her): “Please, Cana, let that boyfriend be the last one for today… Otherwise the others wi…

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  • Aldarinor

    Ladies and gentlemen… Finally, here we go with Part II!!!

    “Standing ovation”

    Just joking xD

    Sorry for the delay, I expected to present it to you yesterday, or even the day before, but I didn’t feel like writing it… Forgive my laziness xD

    Well, let’s not waste time! Here is the second part of the Fight Prediction, which I hope will amaze you, my dear readers, as I promised! =D

    Continue from Part I


    Gajeel (Amazed): “This… This thing can’t be a Celestial Spirit…!!!”

    The small figure hidden by the shadows of the arched doorway remains still.

    ???: “…”

    Iwan sneers.

    The smoke, now clear, reveals a strange sight: in the middle of the wrecked balcony is now visible an extremely large object. Sporting a dark gold colour and measuring several meters in bot…

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  • Aldarinor

    Hi there boys and girls! xD

    Here I am with my second Fight Prediction! =D

    This time, I did like a fellow editor advised me to, and “split” the Prediction in two different parts, to make it easier and more enjoyable to read, and also to add some suspense to the essay (hopefully xD) .

    This Fight Prediction begins some time after the end of the previous one… Let’s say, some days later ;)

    So, there we go. Enjoy =)

    Raven Tail’s Headquarters. The sun is slowly going down, disappearing behind the mountains. On the balcony of one of the gloomy fortress’ highest building, a man is leaning on the balustrade, shadow slowly enveloping him as the sun draws farther and farther. He stands, alone, stroking a crow-shaped, completely flat creature made of paper:…

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  • Aldarinor

    Hey there guys! =D

    This is my first blog post here on this Wikia… Yay! xD

    My pal from One Piece Encyclopedia Imhungry4444 has recently written one of his awesome Fight Predictions, and so I just had to follow in his footsteps xD

    Actually, to discover that this REALLY is a fight prediction, you’ll have to dig quite deep in the essay… The first part is just a long, exhausting introduction, which I hope you won’t mind xD

    Well, anything else? I hope you guys enjoy it, and, if you were to find some grammatical mistakes, please be indulgent… I’m not naturally English-speaking xD


    PS: Be careful! This Fight Prediction may contain spoiler, with some facts being "fictional" (Lol xD) and invented by me, but other coming directly from the Fairy Tai…

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