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  • Ako yumaseikigi

    can you delete this or my contributions history, pleasepleaseplease thank you someone is just using it against me someone is bullying me

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  • Ako yumaseikigi


    Whole Ceremony - User_blog:IamJakuhoRaikoben
    Short Report
    I dont claim this as mines this is Rai's Property, please click the link above for better use.
    IamJakuhoRaikoben Welcome to the 1st 2012 Fairy Tail Wiki Award show. We'd like to start off the night by giving recognition to the users with the most nominations. Leading the pack is Tutles with a whopping six nominations. Not far behind are myself, Rauleli, and Darinor with five nominations and after that you have Ishthak, Guilherme Abe, Omega natsu2, and Fairy Tail Grand Master (not surprising since he nominated himself for all of them...) with 3 nominations each. Remember that this doesn't include the secret awards that these users could've been nominated for. Congrats to all the…

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