Hi! Welcome to this blog. I'm going to discuss what I want to happen in FT(But they probably won't happen.) Leave any of yours below. Thanks!

  • A revelation on Lucy's mom
    • I want more Lucy stuff! After seeing one of the episodes again, I realized Layla died X777. I know many people bave pointed this out. But, I will just say: What if Layla is like an Edolas dragon? Like Porlyuscia? Or, a straight up dragon in a human form? It could happen, right?
  • Wendy Development
    • I also want more Wendy! Idk, make her grow up or something. Also, use Milky Way to make Igneel's soul or something. Use it for that! Milky Way is an awesome spell, I think Wendy should use it more. And a battle vs a new enemy.
  • Erza and Mirajane
    • Make a new Satan soul or Armor! We need more! I personally would LOVE to see a new satan soul. Or armor, but satan soul more. Mira's satan souls are like the best. As a new armor for Erza, I'm thinking a battle vs a powerful enemy, then have her use nakama power to get a new armor. I hate the Nakama power thing, but it'd be cool, right?
  • Gray
    • Gray needs more things for him. There was Silver, but He's gone. Have him use Ice Devil slayer magic more. It's awesome! Make an Intresting Juvia thing! I was thinking "Juvia gets kidnapped, Gray is surprised and pretend to act like he doesn't mind but he does" thing. I would love that!

Ok! Those are my "things I want to happen" list. Post yours below!

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