Welcome, this is my first blog about FT!

The cover is really cute, because Chelia Blendy is here and we discovered something about her god-slayer magic.

The chapter begins with Atlas Flame and we found out that he is DEAD and they are talking with his spirit through Wendys Milky WAY spel. His memory is cracked, because of ice. BUT! thanks to Natsu and others, he remembers that JUST ONE SINGLE MAN AN EXORCIST MAGE - ICE DEVIL-SLAYER froze the whole village, because he thought that Atlas Flame is a DEMON and he wanted to erredicate him. Then Gray realized, thats why the ice helped him to defeat Doriarte. After that Flare begged the dragon to shine his light and to use his flames to melt the village and he did it. (we had Graylu moment there).

After the powerful flames, the entire village was melted and giants saved!! Scared Minerva fled from a duel with Erza and Atlas Flame remembered again about the most powerful vile spell E.N.D. that even Igneel couldnt stopped. After this, his soul vanished and then we have a scene with the new evil villain ice devil-slayer ABSOLUTE ZERO - SILVER from TARTAROS!!! He was asked to join the other members for something like a council of KYUUKIMON which is NINE GHOST GATE - Does that mean there are 8 another powerful tartaros members? Probably yes. Interesting about him is that his face is very similar to GILDARTS and my personal opinion is that he is EDOLAS GILDARTS CLIVE! or his brother or TWIN?(for now).

Thats all and the name of next chapter is EFFY ARTIS. No idea who or what is it. You can comment and maybe we will find out. I hope you are satisfied with my first review and see you next time!

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