How would you guys rank the current Spriggans with what they've shown so far. This is only for the Spriggans, no other characters included.

I would rank them as follow:

1. Dimaria - That is assuming no one else in the 12 can counter her Time Seal magic. I mean, come on, can anybody top that or fight against her with that kind of magic? Unless you have some knowledge on time magic, I don't think so. Or maybe, if one of the 12 is just way stronger that Dimaria, that he/she would be able to cancel the spell, which I still highly doubt it. After all, it is Chronos who is the God of Time. August probably has some trick on his sleeve with time magic, but at this moment, I can only infer. And, I am by no means a Dimaria fan or whatever. But we all know that time magic, especially at that level (God level), is super HAX!

2. God Serena - Tanking the Wizards Saints easily should speak volumes.

3. Ajeel - I feel like he showed a lot of features. He blocked a jupiter cannon with his bare hand. Take on Erza and overwhelmed her. Made a city wide sandstorm and a sand wave the size of a tsunami. Took on team Natsu (by that, I mean DS Gray and Star Dress Lucy) for a brief amount of time and held his own.

4. Wahl Icht - I'm not sure if he should be higher than Ajeel or not, but he still lost against a disadvantaged Laxus. He was interesting because he was very versatile with his magic, but his feats weren't that impressive (in my opinion), besides the long ranged cannon and the mini thereon.

5. Jacob Lessio - Great magic and spell. But, seeing how easily taken out, I would say that his endurance is very low, which is why i posted him lower than Wahl and Ajeel. Ajeel can sense him with his Sand and Wahl probably has some feature like a scanning or infrared feature that will detect Jacob.

6. Brandish - The concept of her magic is impressive which is controlling and manipulating mass. However, i don't see how she will use that offensively. Maybe she can throw a small rock and then increase its size midway. But other than that, i can't really see how she will use that to deal a finishing blow to an opponent. Maybe, she can make her enemy tiny, but then what? she steps on them and kills them? LAME! She only changes the size, but she's not really changing anything with the mage's magic capacity or skills. The mage in question can still perform his/her spells. This is not the same with Doriate's Law of Retrogression, which definitely alters the enemy's magic capacity/skills. If she is to fight mages with high close combat skills or very destructive flashy spells, then I don't see how she will fair against that.

I can't rank Neinhart, August, Invel, and Bradman yet because they haven't shown much at this moment. However, we know that August is a beast base on what basically everyone is saying on the manga, so I would expect to rank him in the 1-3. Neinhart shows promise with his magic. But other than that, what other features does he have that will separate him from the other fodder spriggans that were suppose to be sooooo strong, but were taken down relatively easy. Bradman hasn't showed much. The defeat of Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus can be due to other 2 spriggans as well, so I can't really say anything else. Invel. . , well we all know that Gray or Lyon will probably out best him with Ice Magic or Snow Magic, whatever it is. Its probably Lyon who's gonna defeat him for character development like Sherria. Gray is probably gonna be save for the END situation at the end.

Any suggestions, comments, arguments? Remember, we all have different opinions. =)

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