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November 16, 2015
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    Spriggan 12 Rankings

    April 13, 2016 by 817603

    How would you guys rank the current Spriggans with what they've shown so far. This is only for the Spriggans, no other characters included.

    I would rank them as follow:

    1. Dimaria - That is assuming no one else in the 12 can counter her Time Seal magic. I mean, come on, can anybody top that or fight against her with that kind of magic? Unless you have some knowledge on time magic, I don't think so. Or maybe, if one of the 12 is just way stronger that Dimaria, that he/she would be able to cancel the spell, which I still highly doubt it. After all, it is Chronos who is the God of Time. August probably has some trick on his sleeve with time magic, but at this moment, I can only infer. And, I am by no means a Dimaria fan or whatever. But we all …

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  • 817603

    Lucy Requip

    December 20, 2015 by 817603

    Imagine if Lucy can use basic Requip Magic, then she can store her keys at the pocket dimension, summon them in battle, and not have her keys stolen from her, which happens about most of the time with her fights.

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  • 817603

    Nasu's Power from Igneel

    December 18, 2015 by 817603

    Did anyone else think that the power that Natsu got from Igneel was almost a copy from the power that Gray got from Silver? They were both marks on their arms, except that Gray isn't disappearing with one use.

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    Wendy's Dragon Force

    December 13, 2015 by 817603

    This is really interesting. So, when Wendy was battling Ezel on that cave, she was able to destroy a Face while on Dragon Force Mode. However, on the recent episode, almost all -in fact all of them- of the mages who attacked a Face wasn't even able to make a dent on it. This includes mages like Kagura, Lyon, Jura etc.. What does it mean? Maybe Dragon Slaying Magic has a special effect that made it possible to destroy a face. Or maybe, Wendy in Dragon Force (or Dragon Force in general) is just too OP. If we consider the latter true, then, since Wendy is now able to enter Dragon Force when she wants, will she now be stronger than the Likes of Kagura, Lyon or Jura? I know that sounds too far a stretch, but that is what I just observed. Of cou…

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  • 817603

    This Terrible Feeling

    December 10, 2015 by 817603

    Hey guys! So, I have this terrible feeling that Zeref is gonna end up like Oracion Seis, some members of Grimoire Heart, and Jellal. That is, Zeref will be converted into a good guy at the end of the war and might join Fairy Tail. Like, WTF? Please No! Almost all of Fairy Tail's enemy before has been converted by Fairy Tail and has, on one way or another, been their ally.

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