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Unicol (ウニコル Unikoru) is an aquatic monster which infested the waters of the river near Mone until it was defeated by Gray Fullbuster and Gildarts Clive.


Unicol is a humongous aquatic monster with a vaguely serpentine body. It has a huge bulbous head and the body tapers off towards the tail. Its hide is white with uneven dark blotches. It has a number of eyeballs, at least ten. These seem to be attached onto the head with something like veins holding them on rather than being in sockets in the head. Its most striking feature is the large dark horn on its head. It appears to be extremely sharp and perfectly conical.[1] The creature's lips are thick and black.[2]


Pre-Ice TrailEdit

At some point in time, Unicol began to infest the waters of the river near Mone, making crossing the river so dangerous that the town had to put out a notice to Mage Guilds for its extermination.[3][4]

Ice TrailEdit

Unicol defeated

Unicol is defeated by Gray

As Gray, Gildarts, Amelie and Mary tried to cross the river near Mone to travel West, Unicol attacked them by impaling their ship on its horn, destroying the vessel and forcing Gray to create a platform of ice to stay afloat.[5][6]

It soon battled the young Mage, who fell off the platform due to Milk Boy's attack, and overwhelmed him with its speed.[1] In the course of the three way battle, Unicol managed to swallow Milk Boy and still held its own against Gray. But it was left vulnerable when Gildarts created a shockwave that temporarily parted the water, taking away its advantage of an aquatic battlefield and allowing Gray to defeat it.[7]


Expert Swimmer: Being an aquatic monster, Unicol is at its best in water, although it is extremely vulnerable outside its element.[7]

  • Enhanced Speed: When in water, Unicol is fast enough to prevent a young Gray Fullbuster from casting his Ice-Make, forcing him to dodge its attacks.[1]

Enhanced Strength: Proportional to its size, Unicol is an extremely powerful creature, capable of obliterating a ship with a single strike of its horn.[8]

Battles & EventsEdit


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