True-Ice Kamui (氷裂神衣(ヒョウゼツカムイ) Hyōzetsu Kamui) is an Ice Magic Spell.


The user covers their body in an armor made of what has been described as "unholy" ice: ice that freezes whatever the user so much as grazes, including other kinds of ice and those who, for the most part, are immune to the effects of ice and the cold. However, despite the strength of this particular spell, it is not without weakness: it is not immune to the molding powers of Ice-Make, and the armor cannot freeze ice of the exact same property. Introduction to an environment where either weakness is present makes the armor liable to shatter.[1]


  • "Kamui" is Japanese for "Divine Raiment," wherein "raiment" is an archaic, English literary term for clothing.


  1. Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 500, Pages 12-16


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