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The 24-Hours Endurance Road Race is an anime-exclusive annual event held in Magnolia Town.


An annual competition held by the Fairy Tail Guild wherein Mages are obliged to join a 24-hours road race which consists of running to a certain destination, obtaining a certain object and returning to town. Due to the nature of his Magic, Jet has always dominated the event, earning him the title of unbeatable.[1]


  • Mages start from a starting line and are to follow an appointed course, returning to the finish line within 24 hours.[1]
  • All forms of Magic can be used during the race.[1]
    • In X784, Makarov, following the suggestions of many, banned the use of flying Magic.[1]
  • No Mage is allowed to drop out of the race.[1]
  • The person who comes in last place will face punishment.[1]
    • If more than one person comes in last place, all of them will receive the same punishment.[1]

Past CompetitionsEdit

Year X783Edit

Jet Close Up
First Place:

Year X784Edit

Happy prof
First Place:
Wendy Marvell smiles
Second Place:
Wendy Marvell
Mugshot of Carla
Third Place:
Natsu prof 2
Last Place:
Natsu Dragneel
Gray prof
Last Place:
Gray Fullbuster
Gajeel prof
Last Place:
Gajeel Redfox
Jet Close Up
Last Place:


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