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Territory (絶対領土(テリトリー) Teritorī) is a Caster Magic and a type of Spatial Magic that involves the manipulation of space.



Minerva employing her Magic

The user is able to conjure a kind of wave-like matter that resembles a tomoe, which allows them to manipulate the space around any object or substance of their choice,[1] allowing for great versatility. One can manipulate space as means of defense,[2] offense, by means of forming heat[3] and generating explosions,[1] teleporting people and/or objects of their choice,[4] and granting the user the ability to switch places with other people who are in close proximity.[5] However, the greatest potential that this Magic offers lies in its trapping and damaging capacities; the caster has the option to imprison any living being of their choice inside their "space",[6] and if the caster desires so, can sap their Magic Power away.[7]


  • The language Minerva uses when casting her Magic is that of the extinct race of the Yakuma.[8]


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