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The Tenrou Jade (天狼玉 Tenrōgyoku) was an S-Class treasure and Tenrou Island's holy relic.[1] Many years ago, the Tenrou Jade, having absorbed too much evil Magic Power, became impossible to control, and was sealed away.[2] In the year X686, the relic was destroyed after it was hit by Law and subsequently fell from the sky, shattering on impact.[3]


The Tenrou Jade is spherical in shape, with a thick, transparent outer layer. Within this outer layer, lies a dark-colored jewel surrounded by two rings that encircle it without ever actually touching it.[4]


Tenrou Jade taking over Yuri

Tenrou Jade's Magic Power

Magic Power: The Tenrou Jade is filled with an enormous amount of evil Magic Power, and any human who touches it is brought under the control of that Magic Power.[5] When Yuri Dreyar touched it, the jewel completely overtook him and caused his spirit to become fused with the bones of a deceased Dragon nearby.[6]


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