Tenchi Kaimei (天地晦冥 Tenchi Kaimei) is a Curse that involves the manipulation of black water.[1]


Torafuzar's Tenchi Kaimei

The casting of Tenchi Kaimei

The user summons large tides of black water that engulf and flood an area as large as the user's choosing;[1] Torafuzar describes the water as "black water of darkness"[3] and the vast space it occupies as "The Deep Seas of Hades".[4] The user is able to maneuver within the black waters freely and use them to their advantage against opponents in battle. Additionally, the waters are poisonous due to their abundance of carbon,[5] and will kill anyone that swallows them within five minutes of consumption.[6]

If the user is defeated, the black waters will disperse and disappear.[7]


  • The name of this magic translates roughly to "the world covered in darkness" or "all is plunged into darkness".[8]


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