Tablin (タブリン Taburin) is a citizen of Magnolia who is, at times, seen in the Fairy Tail Guild.[1]



Tablin's appearance

Tablin is a slim, young man of average height. He has droopy eyes, a sizable pair of lips and a large nose. He possesses scruffy facial hair and also has a stitched scar over his forehead.

Tablin's attire consists of a fairly large shirt with a medallion hung around his neck, both bearing the number "11". He also wears a pair of baggy, striated pants that have disheveled sleeves and appears to be barefoot.[1]


Despite not possessing any Magic, Tablin wanted to join Shadow Gear, one of Fairy Tail's teams. However, he was refused, as he is not a Mage. He attempted to learn how to utilize Magic but it turned out to be more difficult than he anticipated and gave up.[1]


Tablin is a citizen of Magnolia who usually enters the Fairy Tail Guild building to presumably deliver food or liquor, as individuals who are not members of the guild can only enter the building if they are making deliveries.[1]


  • He supposedly always seems to be hanging around the guild in an effort to get closer to Levy.[1]
  • He dislikes Pop Music.[1]


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