Swan (スワン Suwan) is a member of Three Stars, which is apart of the Kingdom of Stella's army.[1]


Swan is a dark skinned woman with green eyes, a bunny tail, and silver hair that forms out with bunny ears protruding from her head. Her attire consists of a revealing, armor breast plate, two long white gloves with gaping parts around the forearm, and a black loincloth-like dress that attaches to her armor, finishing with armored leg boots. She also wears a long, yellow scarf around her neck.[1]


Swan seems to be an energetic person, showing love for dance and her elegant displays with her legs, being confident in her fighting ability. When fighting, she usually talks about how her dancing skills are unstoppable, calling herself a true visions of beauty, and a poetry in motion. She also says how her finesse should have her opponents in awe, showing her level of confidence in herself.[1]


Dragon Cry

Magic and Abilities

Spinning Magic (回転魔法 Kaiten Mahō): This Magic allows Swan to spin herself in fast motions, creating physically seen whirlwinds while allowing her to combine it with her leg gauntlets for offensive attacks.[1]

  • Grand Fouetté: Swan uses this spell to spin herself in place, generating a large number of crescent blades made of light, which are rapidly sent flying at her target in consecutive reprises.[1]
Swan's shock wawes

Swan creating a shockwave

Enhanced Strength: Swan has above-average strength, able to parlay her strength in conjunction with her leg gauntlets to simply stomp the ground with her bare feet to create shockwaves. With her kicks, she can also push back her target and damage them considerably.[1]

Enhanced Agility: Swan is extremely agile, swiftly moving with large metal gauntlets on her legs while dodging and parrying attacks.[1]


Swan's Stellanium Leg Gauntlets

Swan's Stellanium Leg Gauntlets

Stellanium Leg Gauntlets: Swan utilizes Stellanium leg gauntlets that by maneuvering the strength in her legs it allows her to create shockwaves by hitting the ground or energy waves by twirling her lower half.[1]

Chain Scarf: Swan wears a long yellow scarf that extends all the way to her knees in length. It has the ability to transform into an extended chain that takes on a spiked star blade at the end, able to use it to bind and attack her opponents.[1]


  • Swan's final character concept was specifically mentioned to be significantly better than her original draft concept, being that it was touched up after suggestions from both the anime staff and from Hiro Mashima himself.[2]


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