The Kingdom of Stella (ステラ王国 Sutera Ōkoku) is a kingdom on the continent of Ishgar that was under the control of King Animus.[1]


The rich kingdom is surrounded by Stellanium crystals, that shine in the night starry sky.[1]


The kingdom is located in the eastern continent of Ishgar, adjacent to both the countries of Bosco and Iceberg.[1]


Stella has a royal look with large towers and commoner streets alike. The caste of Altair is on a perch in the capital. The city is embedded with Stellanium crystals in many areas.[1]

Administration and Government

King Animus rules over the country, with his aide being Sonya whom he prizes. Zash acts as a second-in-command to the king. The Three Stars are three adept soldiers that are appointed by Animus at his bidding mainly to protect Sonya. Animus gives power to Zash allowing him to command them when appointed under him.[1]


Name Rank/Title Team/Hierarchy Status
AnimusKingImperial FamilyDeceased
Animus' Aide
Zash CaineMage
Minister of State
Leader of Quartum Army
Quartum ArmyDeceased
DollSoldierThree StarsActive
GapriSoldierThree StarsActive
Three StarsActive
Fourth Generation Dragon SlayersMages
Quartum ArmyUnknown
Red KnifeZash's AideN/AUnknown

Military Power

Stella has soldiers who possess magical weapons that fire magic bullets while also having Stellanium-crystallized spears at their disposal. The elite squad, Three Stars, works at the bidding of the king, who organizes them to protect the aide Sonya. Among some of them they have weapons and armor that are made from Stellanium, an all-natural mineral exclusively found in Stella. They also possess Fourth Generation Dragon Slayers who are mobilized by the power of Dragon Cry.[1]


Cities & Towns in Stella


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