Stealth (ステルス Suterusu), also known as Assassination Magic (暗殺魔法 Ansatsu Mahō), is a Caster Magic that allows the user to make use of absolute camouflage.


Jacob shoots Mavis

The user's ability to use invisible weapons and see the invisible

This Magic allows the user to completely conceal their own presence, see what cannot normally be seen by others, and make what can normally be seen now unseen.[1] When the user erases their own presence, they wipes out their ability to be seen, heard or smelled, thus allowing them to move about completely undetected, even if they were seen by people just prior. This physical invisibility can, however, be negated by Magic that utilizes light, such as Regulus.[2] Stealth also allows the user to see things that would normally be invisible to others, such as Mavis to non-Fairy Tail members, and as such allows them to converse with, attack,[3] and touch beings like her.[4] However, it would appear that they cannot actually see what they themselves have made invisible with their Magic during its effect.[5] The final function of the user's Magic is to attack with invisible weapons, which they can do to inflict torture,[6] as well as attack and take their opponents by surprise.[7]


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