Star Dress: Aries Form (アリエスフォーム Ariesu Fōmu) is one of several forms of the Star Dress Spell.


The user incorporates the power of Aries into their body. As a result they are granted an outfit consisting of a two-toned black and white, short woolen hoop dress that ends at the user's mid-thigh level. The dress leaves their shoulders and arms bare, however their arms are covered by pink woolen arm warmers and a woolen scarf is wrapped around her neck. Her legs are covered by horizontally stripped pink and black leggings.[1] The user bares a tattoo of Aries' zodiac sign on their left shoulder. The user's hair is styled into bangs framing their face whilst two gold ram horns sit aside their head, behind which a pair of side ponytails emerge from.[2]


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