Soul of the Wicked Meal (悪食の魂 Akujiki no Kon) is a Caster Magic that targets the human need to eat.


This Magic appears as a torrent of light that swirls around its target, and is cast by moving one's body in a fluid, sweeping motion; the index and middle fingers on each hand are enveloped in the same kind of light. Once affected, the victim is struck with crippling hunger that turns them into voracious eaters, as well as afflicts them with hallucinations that cause anything (or anyone) living to appear as food. An individual under the effects of Soul of the Wicked Meal will even try to eat their best friend if they are not careful. However, the desire to eat can be curbed if one has exceptionally strong willpower, and the Magic itself is negated if the afflicted are rendered unconscious. If someone under the effects of this Magic attempts to continue fighting, the hunger will reduce their physical parameters drastically until such time they find sufficient nourishment.[1]


  • This Magic's effects reference the practice within Buddhism regarding the fasting of worshipers.


  1. Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 511, Pages 6-18


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