Sonya (ソーニャ Sōnya) is a Mage who was both the aide and the container to Animus, the king of Stella. She was the driving force behind the reasoning to Acnologia's life goal of slaying all Dragons in existence.[1]


Sonya is a woman of average height; she has light brown hair, blue eyes and a yellow flower in her hair. She wears a beige cardigan over a plunging white blouse, a frilled skirt, heeled white thigh-high boots, and a scarf around her neck.[1]


Sonya is kind-hearted person who cares for her kingdom and people, while she also is loyal even if she dislikes the methods of the ones she is loyal to. She is gentle and soft-spoken but believes that misery should end and that souls shouldn't be sacrificed continuously for the greater good.[1]


In her past during the Dragon King Festival she herself was fatally injured by the gang of Dragons that were with Animus. Acnologia, the one effectively ended the festival, murdered the Dragons that harmed her and promised that he would slay every Dragon for her sake. Animus later enchanted his being in her body to persevere and recover. This lead him to become her childhood friend, with her later becoming apart of his entourage as his aide.[1]


Dragon Cry

Magic and Abilities

Life Magic: Sonya has the ability to sense life energy with her Magic. She can visually see the life force of people even through inanimate objects.[1]

Enhanced Durability: Sonya has above-average durability, taking a claw swipe from a Dragon directly and still being able to move about normally.[1]


Sonya original draft

Sonya first draft

  • Hiro Mashima drew the concept to Sonya in the early process, leading to some differences in her finished product:
    • Sonya's hair is shorter and doesn't cover the right part of her face.
    • Sonya's hair ornament is a cross pin on the right side of her hair, while her finished is a flower design placed on the left side.
    • Sonya's clothing design resembles Ajeel Ramal's in the draft while the finished product is a blouse with a scarf placed around her neck.
  • Sonya appeared in Dragon Cry before making her appearance in the manga.


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