Sniper (スナイパー祖父 Sunaipā Sofu) was a member of the Treasure Hunting Guild Sylph Labyrinth.[1]


Sniper is a dark-skinned man of average height, who bears a similar appearance to that of Drake. He has short gray hair, small pupils, as well as noticeable facial hair. His attire consists of a black jacket with a green wristband on the right arm, black pants, as well as a belt of bullets graced over his body. He also wears a green headband with the Sylph Labyrinth's emblem on it.[1]


Zerø arcEdit

After seeing Warrod, Yuri, and Precht resign from Sylph Labyrinth, Sniper hopes that they take care of themselves, as they caused trouble from time to time, even going as far to say he didn't want anything to do with the feud between them and Blue Skull.[1]


Sniper: True to his name, Sniper apparently possesses a sniper, as he has a belt of bullets that are holstered on his back.[1]


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