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Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic (影の滅竜魔法 Kage no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic that utilizes shadows.


Shadow Form

Rogue moving with shadows

A Magic which allows the user to transform their physiology into that of a Shadow Dragon, turning their body into a shadow that cannot be touched by normal means.[4] With this Magic, the user is also able to fade themselves into shadows to move swiftly, dodging efficiently and making surprise attacks. However, if the user is caught while in a tangible form, or by another person in shadow form, they are then vulnerable to attack.[5][6]

The shadows produced by Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic are able to be utilized in several different ways, allowing for a high level of adaptability; the shadows are able to be released in freeform,[7] as condensed,[8] or even molded into the shape of a weapon, taking on the properties of said chosen shape.[9]

Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic, as a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, likely allows its user to consume shadows to replenish their strength and develop resistance to it as well. If a Shadow Dragon Slayer is somehow capable of successfully ingesting light, they will enter White Shadow Dragon Mode.[10]


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