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Seiya Chiba (千葉 星矢 Chiba Seiya) is a high school senior who once visited the Fairy Tail Guild with his friends.


Chiba is a tall slim young man with spiky black hair and glasses. He wears a dark-colored long-sleeved shirt under a light-colored sweater, dark-colored pants and a pair of simple shoes.


Chiba is a quiet young man, not usually the one to voice out his opinions and/or thoughts. Despite his tall stature and involuntary glare, Chiba easily trembles when faced with delinquents, seen when Chiba met Gray Fullbuster. Unlike Adachi, who wishes to work after graduating, Chiba dreams of entering a university.



Arriving at the guild

Chiba faced with Gray

One of Chiba's friends, Adachi, drags him and three other friends to the Fairy Tail Guild in Magnolia Town, saying that, since they're already high school seniors, they need to start looking for employment. The four follow Adachi into the guild, thinking that it's a company, and are surprised to learn that it's a guild of Mages. During their stay, Chiba is approached by Gray Fullbuster who stares him in the eye, commenting on his height.[1]

Giant Chiba

Giant Chiba

Chiba later becomes the subject of Izumi's failed attempt at using Giant which causes Chiba to turn into a giant. Soon after, Himeji tries to use "Requip" but ends up stripping herself down to her underwear while Shinagawa summons a deformed version of the Celestial Spirit Plue, much to everyone's horror. After that fiasco, the group of high school students returns to their school and soon discovers that the Mages of Fairy Tail had paid them a visit as well.[2]


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