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Seduction Armor (誘惑の鎧 Yūwaku no Yoroi) is one of Erza Scarlet's newly-bought armors.[1]


This armor is composed of a long light apron, tied behind Erza’s neck and back, worn over her bare chest, and thus revealing much of her breasts’ sides, paired with pink-colored panties, exposing much of her buttocks, and long stockings, reaching up to the middle parts of her thighs. There are no shoes, and Erza’s head is adorned by a maid hat. The only visible armored parts are the gauntlets, which extend up to the middle parts of Erza’s biceps, where ribbons are tied around her arms, and sport heart-shaped elbow guards. The armor comes equipped with a simple sword which bears a writing on the blade, this being "Come on Boy".[1][2]


  • Sword: The Seduction Armor appears to possess an embellishment in the form of a sword that is composed of a gold-colored blade, a dark yellow guard, a ringed purple hilt and a stud-like pommel. To complement the armor's seductive motif, the sword features a pink inscription of the words "Come on Boy" along its fuller. The full effects and abilities of this sword are unknown.[1][2]


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