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Natsu under Ultear's spell
Second Origin Release
Parent Magic

Arc of Time


Ultear Milkovich

Second Origin Release is an unnamed Arc of Time Spell.


In recent years, it has been discovered that Mages have a second "Container" for their Magic power that is largely unused called the Second Origin. Using the Arc of Time it is possible to unlock the said Magic Container, granting the Mage in question a large boost in Magic Power.[1] During the "unlocking" process, markings appear on the Mage's body. The process involved in unlocking one's Second Origin, however, is excruciatingly painful,[2] though, somehow, Erza Scarlet was unafflicted with the commonly associated pain.[3] When one's Second Origin, however, is unlocked, they are able to reach new heights with their respective Magic[4] or perform spells and activate abilities that they would otherwise have trouble with, with ease.[5]

Once a person has released their Second Origin, they can either choose to use it at all times, to greatly power up their abilities,[4][6][7][8][9] or save it for later, using it as a trump card for later in a battle.[10]


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