Sealed Flame Blade (封炎剣 Fūen Ken) is an Edolas Magic Item.


The Sealed Flame Blade is a fair-sized Magic Item, and has the appearance of a typical sword, albeit, without the blade.[1] The pommel of the Sealed Flame Blade, the upper portion of the hilt, and the top portion, around where the blade would normally be situated, are red in color. The guard, meanwhile, is orange, respectively. Additionally, the scale-like pattern that adorns the upper portion of the Sealed Flame Blade is outlined in yellow, and the inner portion of said upper portion is also yellow in color.[2] A pump-like mechanism can also be seen where the pommel should be.


When used correctly, flames issue upward from the Sealed Flame Blade, filling in the missing upper portions, allowing it to be used for combat, and simultaneously making the Sealed Flame Blade more blade-like in appearance.[3] If used this way, the Sealed Flame Blade can be used approximately one hundred times.[4]

When used incorrectly, a wild torrent of flames issues forth from the hollow upper portion of the Sealed Flame Blade, depleting any and all power it had in one single usage.[5]


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