Sawarr Junelle (サワルージュレネール Sawarū Jurenēru) is the son and heir to the Junelle family.


Duke Sawarr is a man of short stature and well above average weight. He keeps his hair slicked down, with two curls forming on either side of his head and a small crown covering the top. The man also spots a set of oval glasses over his small eyes, which portray his large nose. He possesses a pair of big ears and thin eyelashes; along with thin eyebrows that arch upwards. The duke wears a dark suit over a white, tucked in shirt and a pair of light pants.[1]


Before Lucy Heartfilia ran away from her luxurious home, Sawarr revealed his feelings towards her; informing the young maiden that he had his eyes set on her.[1]


Phantom Lord arcEdit

With the Heartfilia Railways needing to expand southward, Jude Heartfilia calls upon Phantom Lord's services to retrieve his runaway daughter Lucy Heartfilia, as wedding arrangements with Duke Sawarr have been made in order to make the progression possible.[1] However, Lucy, after willingly returning home, refuses to abide by her father's rules, nullifying the wedding arrangements with Sawarr.[2]

Battle of Fairy Tail arcEdit

Eventually, the Heartfilia Konzern is bought out by the Junelle family due to Jude Heartfilia's bankruptcy.[3][4]


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