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Sand Buster (サンドバスタ─ Sando Basutā) is a Sand Magic Spell.


The user gets down on their four limbs, in a stance which is reminiscent of a real scorpion's, and then points their scorpion-like stinger at the opponents. A large amount of sand is subsequently fired from it in the form of a powerful sand tornado, which moves towards the target in a line and strikes them with great blunt power; so much, in fact, that even nearby enemies which aren't directly struck by the attack will be thrown to the ground by the tornado's sheer rotatory power.[1] Aside from its most obvious, offensive use, Sand Buster was shown being used in another way, with Lucy having Scorpio combine it with Wendy Marvell's Sky Dragon's Roar, forming a Unison Raid in order to boost Natsu Dragneel's speed, allowing him to strike Hades.[2]

Derived SpellsEdit


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