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Ryuzetsu Land (リュウゼツランド Ryūzetsu Rando) is an extremely well-known and popular summer vacation resort in Fiore.[1]


It is located somewhere within Fiore's capital city, Crocus.[1]

Exterior DesignEdit

Ryuzetsu Land is a water-themed park where from the outside it looks like a dome with its name sign and a huge "WELCOME" sign can be seen at the front.[2]

Interior DesignEdit

LoveLove Slider

The Love Love Slider

Inside, the park consists of many different pools of various depths. The park also has various different water-themed rides in which one of them is the Love Love Slider, where a couple can ride while embracing each other.[3]

Aside from pools and rides like a casual swimming pool it also has spaces where people could just relaxing by providing beach chairs and tables. The park also provides other types of entertainment such as an aquarium, a photo board, and also a restaurant which Panther Lily compliments, stating that they have a good kiwi juice.[4]


The explosion at Ryuzetsu Land

The end of Ryuzetsu Land

The theme park is eventually destroyed by Natsu Dragneel, who haphazardly utilized his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, which caused in a huge explosion, leaving only rubble and the current visitors sprawled out in its wake.[5]


  • The name of the resort "Ryuzetsu Land" translates to Dragon Tongue Land.


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