Roka's House is the residence of Roka.[1]


Roka's House is situated atop a hillock in the Aba Forest. The hillock seems devoid of vegetation but for a few deciduous trees.[2]


Exterior Design

The house is simplistically and sensibly built in view of Aba Forest's frigid climate. The door is elevated from the ground and has a small staircase in front of it. The roof is sloped at an extreme angle. Wooden beams can be seen supporting the structure. It also has huge glass windows with wooden grids across them.[2]

Interior Design

Gray in Roka House

Interior of Roka's House

The interior of the house seems to have at least one vast room. This room contains a sofa near a wall which is dominated by a large window. Pots of plants are kept on the sill and curtains hang at the sides. A coffee table atop a small carpet is present in front of the sofa. Ornaments like chimes are hung near the window.[1]

Shelves run along the walls adjacent to the sofa, lined with books as well as jars containing unknown substances. A bin near one of the shelves contains a number of large pieces of rolled up paper. Large cases are heaped untidily near the other shelf. The center of the room has a small table with yet another plant on it. A single chair is kept beside the table.[1]

Gray notices Roka

Roka's study table

The wall opposite the sofa has a study table in front of it. The table is piled with books and quills and a bin similar to the aforementioned one exists beside it. A goblet and a lamp can also be seen on the table. Roka normally sits on a chair between the table and the wall when working. A small arched window can be seen in the wall, with a potted plant on the sill.[1]

The walls of the house have various charts stuck on them. The floor is made of wood and so is most of the furniture. The entire house has an untidy appearance due to the objects strewn on the floor as well as the state of the shelves and the study table.[1]


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