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Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail
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Team Makarov

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Chapter 80

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Episode 8 (Photo)
Episode 35 (flashback)

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Grant James

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Rob (ロブ Robu) was a Fairy Tail Mage who was kidnapped and enslaved in the Tower of Heaven. He was also a close friend of Makarov and Erza Scarlet. He died protecting Erza during the slave rebellion that occurred in order to save Jellal Fernandes.[1]


Rob was a lean old man with pale skin. He had long white hair which went midway down his back. Two strands of hair stood up from the rest and pointed outwards. His eyebrows were nearly as long as the hair on his head, reaching down past his chin. He had a thick gray beard which extended down to his chest. He wore a pair of beige shorts with no shirt, so his black Fairy Tail mark located on his lower back is visible.

In his youth, Rob was a tall, muscular man. His gray hair pointed upwards with long brown eyebrows pointing opposite directions. He wore a simple dark shirt with a beige pants.[2]


Rob was once a member of Fairy Tail (in a team with Makarov, Goldmine, Bob, Porlyusica and Yajima), and he greatly believed in freedom that lay within oneself.[3] When he sacrificed himself to save Erza, he elicited her true Magic potential, thus being responsible for her power's growth. As he hails from Fairy Tail, he values friendship and does not mind dying for his friends' sake.[4]


Erza learns about Magic

Rob teaches Erza the meaning of Magic

Rob was first seen in a flashback as an old man enslaved with Erza and her friends at the unfinished Tower of Heaven.[5] Rob taught Erza about the true meaning of Magic.[6] He died during the slaves' rebellion in an attempt to protect Erza from the Magical troops of Zeref's cult's attack. His Magic Power at the time represented his life force, and his use of Magic to defend Erza resulted in his death. This brought on a change in his charge, and Erza's Magical abilities were awakened.[7]

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

Rob's magic

Rob's fire spell

Fire Magic: Rob used an apparently unique spell to protect Erza. Although it appears to be a fire-type Magic, it is also stated that he "reflects" the enemy's attacks. It's possible that the spell he used merely reversed the fire-like effects of the incoming spells.[8]


Erza ScarletEdit

Main article: Erza Scarlet

Rob covered Erza

Rob protecting Erza with his life

Rob met Erza during their mutual enslavement at the Tower of Heaven when the latter was only a child;[5] it was Rob who taught Erza the very meaning of Magic. Due to Rob's teachings and views on what Magic really is, as well as what freedom is, Erza was inspired to one day become a powerful Mage and take Rob away from their living nightmare. During the slave revolt, Rob shielded Erza from the cult's attack, finding happiness in his forsaken life, and falls to the ground telling Erza that freedom lies in her heart before ultimately passing away. Enraged, Erza awoke the Magic sleeping within her and defeated all the guards, all for the sake of the man who took her under his wing and gave her hope. Erza also, through Rob's status as a veteran Mage of Fairy Tail was able to learn of the guild.[9]


  • (To Erza Scarlet about the nature of Magic) "Yes, everything begins from you believing with your heart. You can think of tarots, faith, prayer, and such as Magic. Its a miracle that only true believers can experience. Only those who believe that Magic exists, believe in themselves, and believe that they can coexist with everything in nature can use such a thing as Magic."[10]
  • (To Erza Scarlet) "I never thought I could see a smile like that again, in a place like this... freedom is in your heart."[3]

Battles & EventsEdit


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