Riana (リアナ Riana) is the leader of White Tiger, whom of which appears in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.[1]


Riana is a woman of average height; she has black hair in a bowl cut, and fully armored with a top breast plate, picnic table yellow and blue designed cloth that has an open slit at the bottom, and elbow guards that expose part of her arm from the part that disconnects from her armor.[1]


Dragon CryEdit

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsmanship: While under the control of Zash, Riana has shown to have immense prowess in swordplay, swiftly killing multiple soldiers with little to no effort.[1]

Enhanced Durability: After being cut up by multiple swords, Riana was still conscious from the blows although her body battered.[1]


Sword: Riana carries a sword with a guard, able to use it for battle.[1]


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