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Saint Spear, Ravelt (聖鎗 レイヴェルト Sēsō, Reiveruto) is a form of the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments. It is a sacred Lance forged by Edolas' greatest smith.[1]


Ravelt's Head

Ravelt's Head

The shape of the Ten Commandments' head changes to a spear with a straight point that has four edges curving inwards and downwards, respectively, separated by a golden arrow extending out of the head of the spear horizontally, with a diamond-shaped figure surrounding a red crystal. The grip of the spear bears a red orb that appears to be held in place by small teeth-like decoration, which connects to the shaft.[2]

Special FeaturesEdit

Drastic Increased Power: The strongest form of the Ten Commandments, it was made by the greatest blacksmith in Edolas, and its power is strong enough to shake the world with a single strike. It managed to shatter Erza Scarlet's Armadura Fairy, one of Erza Scarlet's strongest armors, however, it was also destroyed in the process.[3]



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