Pleasure (快楽 Kairaku) is a Caster Magic and variation of Light Magic that seeks to kill by means of extreme pleasure.


Pleasure is a type of Magic that, according to one of its caster in Larcade, only affects those who have experienced the "forbidden" pleasure (those that have indulged in their desire to seek out sexual pleasure),[1] and cannot be avoided by those people; those affected are struck with pleasure so intense that, if experienced for long enough, causes them to die. The caster can opt to turn the Magic into one that affects a wide area, though this has the drawback of affecting allies who may be otherwise qualify to be affected. It also appears that Pleasure can be directed on a small group of people (even if they don't meet the requirements), and overload them with pleasure regardless. This type of maneuver takes the appearance of tentacles that grab the targets, but the tangible nature of this kind of attack also means that the tentacles can be severed, thus allowing those attacked to be freed.[2] The Magic can also be turned into blades of light that the user can launch towards their target; these blades are as sharp as any normal sword.[3]

When a victim is overwhelmed by the pleasure of Pleasure and they die, their body is left with no blemishes, and their souls are described to have simply left their bodies.[4] Victims can escape death if they self-harm early into the sensory overloading process, however.[5]


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