Pirate is the unnamed pirate who helped Erza Scarlet get to Galuna Island.


Pirate Back

Pirate's back

He wears a pirate hat with an orange smiley which has a fork and spoon crossing below it. He has gray hair and a large beard. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye. The coat he wears is purple. His left hand is a hook. He has a pirate sword on his left side. He wears a large belt as well and his height is fairly short.[1]

In the manga he is slim, has black hair, and less of a beard. His hands are intact. He is seen wearing no pants and just heart patterned underwear. He also has a pig snout instead of a regular nose.[2]


The pirate was scared of Erza and of Galuna Island. He always addresses Erza formally and seems to take a liking to her. He was curious why Erza wanted to go there.[3][1]


Galuna Island arc

Erza defeats his crew and forces the pirate to sail to Galuna Island at some point. The pirate asks what Erza plans to do there. Erza yells at him to mind his business and sail. The pirate tells Erza to give his crew a break, and then informs Erza that there are rumors people turn into Demons on Galuna Island. Erza says she doesn't care, as she has to punish some rule breakers.[1]

Loke arc

While Erza, Lucy, Gray and Natsu rehearse for Rabian's play, he informs them they have visitors. Among the visitors is the pirate. The pirate goes up to Erza and tells her he will be rooting for her. She then apologizes to the pirate for having him come so far to see her and then hugs him tightly.[4]


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