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Paper Blizzard[1] (紙吹雪 Kami Fubuki) is a Caster Magic related to the use of paper.


Paper Magic

Kamika employing her Paper Blizzard

It is a Magic that allows the user to create and control multicolored sheets of papers for various effects. The Magic mainly offers a wide range of offensive abilities, but it is also capable of defense,[2][3] escape,[3] and imprisonment.[3] The user can also morph their body into paper as well. A skill they can utilize to increase maneuverability[4] and avoid damage.[2]

The sheets of paper used in this Magic are small and square-shaped[5] and change color depending on the spell that the user has chosen.[2] Unlike regular paper, the sheets are durable in a sense that they don't burn[6] and can withstand attacks.[2] Each sheet of paper, depending on the color, is referred to as a "God".[6][7][8] In addition, Arcadios stated that this Magic, along with all of the others that the Garou Knights employ, was specifically designed for assassination.[9]


Kamika's SpellsEdit


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