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Oshibana (オシバナ Oshibana) is a town where Team Natsu defeated many of the Dark Guild Eisenwald's members.


Oshibana is a small, friendly town. It seems that the main point of the city is the railway station, which constitutes its central point. The city was also the unofficial headquarters of a Dark Guild, Eisenwald,[1] though almost all of its members were caught and arrested by the Rune Knights.[2]


Localizations of clover and Oshibana

Oshibana and the nearest towns

Oshibana Town is located in the southeastern part of Fiore. A railway connects it with a series of other towns such as, Clover and Magnolia Town.[3]


Locations in Oshibana Town
Oshibana Station
Oshibana Station


  • "Oshibana" is a popular Japanese art that involves pressed dry flowers. It goes along with the floral naming theme of Fiore (Italian for "flower") and some of its cities.


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