Orochi's Fin's Monster Tamer is an unnamed Mage of Orochi's Fin.


The tamer's distinctive features are his eyes and his tongue, both of which are serpentine in appearance. His skin is also somewhat peculiar, bearing what appears to be a snake skin's markings in the area around and on his nose. Other than that, he sports a bowl cut haircut, and a cloak, with the upper part having a rectangular pattern. Under the said cloak, he dons a coat, and, lastly, he wears round-shaped earrings.[1]


The monster tamer has shown he is devious and evil, as when he declared war against Lamia Scale, he willingly vied they will bask the entire event in blood.[2] However, when it comes to his superiors he as shown respect towards them, while also shown to cower in fear of any stronger opposition towards him.[3]


Avatar arc

The Monster Tamer is seen watching Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving Day alongside other members of his guild, while planning an assault on Margaret Town.[2] That night, the Monster Tamer begins the assault, setting loose his large horde of monsters into the town, as he watches the spectacle with his fellow guild members from atop a cliff.[4] He continues to watch the battle, accompanied by Bluenote Stinger, as Wendy Marvell, Sherria Blendy, and Carla dispatch the other members of his guild, while assuring Bluenote that they don't require his strength to take out the three girls.[3] After witnessing Bluenote's instant defeat due to Natsu Dragneel's Fire Dragon's Roar, he surrenders with the rest of his guild, thus ending their assault on Margaret Town.[5]

Magic & Abilities

Monster Taming (魔物使い Mamonozukai): The Monster Tamer is shown to have control of a large number of powerful monsters. The monsters under his control are powerful enough to combat with Mages of Lamia Scale and ex-Fairy Tail members.[6]


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