Orochi's Fin (蛇鬼の鰭(オロチノフィン) Orochi no Fin) is a Legal Guild operating in the kingdom of Fiore as long as until X792, and is in a rival relationship with Lamia Scale.


The guild's location is currently unknown.


In X792, the guild launches a monumental assault against Lamia Scale and Margaret Town during the aftermath of the Thanksgiving Day parade, when they are at their most vulnerable state.[1]


Name Rank Team Status
Orochi's Fin's Monster TamerMageNoneActive
Bluenote StingerAffiliate MageNoneActive


  • Orochi is an eight-headed, eight-tailed giant serpent originating from Japanese mythology.

Battles & EventsEdit


  1. Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 421, Page 16


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