The Nodding Chef is the owner of the Super Express Restaurant located in Hosenka Town.


The Nodding Chef wears a white robe with black trimming. He has an extremely large and noticeable forehead. He always has his eyes closed. The Nodding Chef also has a small mustache above his lip. On the top of his large head is his flat-top black hair.


He is very quiet and never speaks.[1][2] He seems to be sarcastic though, as seen when he put on sad music after assuming that Loke "broke up" with Lucy.[3]


Loke arc

Hosenka Super Express Restaurant

The Super Express Restaurant

After Loke saves Lucy, the two, along with Happy and Plue, go out and eat at the Nodding Chef's restaurant, Super Express. After Lucy yells at Loke for sitting so far away, the chef nods his head.[1] After Loke "breaks up" with Lucy, he holds out an album called "The Man's Hot-water Addition and Subtraction". He keeps pointing at it, wanting to know if Lucy wants him to play it. Lucy responds silently as well by crossing her arms in an X. Part of his forehead then droops down in front of him, showing his disappointment.[3] After Loke tells Lucy he doesn't have much time to live, he quickly takes it back, saying it was just a trick to pick up girls. Lucy then slaps Loke and the Nodding Chef nods his head in agreement with Lucy's actions.[2]

Magic and Abilities

Master Chef: It is said his cooking will make you hooked on his various types of dishes.[3]


  • The Nodding Chef's first appearance is in Hiro Mashima's older series Rave Master where he was a bartender in Blues City.[4]


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