Nekōsoku Tube (ネ拘束チューブ Nekōsoku Chūbu) is a Binding Magic Spell.


The user conjures magical tubes which they fling at the target and bind them, effectively restraining them.[1] The tubes constrict or stretch on the user's command.[2] The tubes nullify the Magic of the one it wraps around.[3]


  • The Spell's name was derived from a Japanese pun, with Nekōsoku composed of the words neko (meaning "cat") and kōsoku (meaning "incarceration" or "restraint"), and "Tube" being in English.[4]
    • The English volume of Fairy Tail translates "Nekōsoku Tube" to In-cat-ceration Tube (Incarceration and Cat) due to the difficulties Mashima had with translating the pun on the manga page.[4].


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