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Natsu and Happy's House in X791
Natsu and Happy's House
Location Statistics
Located In

Magnolia Town

Controlled By

Natsu Dragneel

Manga Debut

Chapter 202

Anime Debut

Episode 97

Natsu and Happy's House, as the name suggests, is the residence of Fairy Tail members Natsu Dragneel and Happy. It is where the two live and spend their time when they aren't on missions, in the guild or in Lucy's Apartment.


Not much is known of the location of Natsu and Happy's house. Still, it is certain that the house is outside of Magnolia Town, which suggests the presence of trees and the rocks surrounding it. To find it, Lucy had to track and follow Natsu and Happy.



After the seven-year gap, the outside of Natsu and Happy's house is surrounded by a lush garden filled with various bushes and trees. It appears to be located in a forested area.[1]


Natsu and Happy’s House is a somewhat run-down building with a pitched roof and a prominent chimney-pot, preceded by a hall, giving access to the main part, bearing a similar roof and a pair of windows on the front, at the door’s sides. Some parts of the outer wall are covered in cracks and here and there patched with flat metal plates, with building material such as beams and various crates being amassed on the outside. The building most notably sports a pair of trees sprouting from the hall and the main building’s roofs; the hall itself is adorned by what looks like a pair of bovine skulls, with the smaller one being placed over the door, and the larger on the left side of the hall’s roof.

The house is surrounded by some vegetation, and has a small fence siding its right part. A lane, framed by small, well-kept bushes, leads to the entrance; not far from it is a sign vaguely shaped like Happy's head, reading "Natsu & Happy", with an arrow showing the way to the house.[2]


The appearance is like a yellow bungalow with a brick chimney and some decorative elements around the door and walls. The roof is covered with red tiles. It could be a very nice house, if there wasn't a tree growing out of the walls and a skull suspended above the door. Near the house there is also a plaque with the names of residents.

Garden or rather, the area around the house is as sloppy as it was. A lane is lined with nothing, a fence is falling apart. The only plants that can be seen, are a few withered trees.


The house’s interior is in even worse condition: in stark contrast with the neat, fish-shaped doormat reading “Welcome” right in front of the door, the hall is extremely messy and untidy. A small, rectangular table placed almost in the center of the room is covered in dirty dishes, plates and pots. Flanking the table is a pair of sofas, with a large chest of drawers resting diagonally over one of the two, its drawers half open and messy. Not far from them is the stove, covered in soot and untidy. The function of the bed is assumed by a patched up hammock with pillow and a torn blanket, with one edge attached to the ceiling, and the other to the tree which is seen protruding out from the roof, and which sprouts from the ground inside the house, breaking through the wood floor and deforming it. Around it, several centimeters from the ground, is a cracked pot containing smaller plants, and another root-like thing is seen resting on a knocked over chest of drawers in a corner, placed right beside the door. The other corner is occupied by many crates. The place is seemingly illuminated by a round chandelier hanging over it, complete with four lamps, and with the supporting chain having one of its four links broken, and attached to the ceiling there is also a puppet vaguely reminiscent of Erza Scarlet, after whom it was likely modeled , bearing red hair and wielding a slim pipe.

The floor is covered by different objects, among which a large barbell seemingly made of stone, some gears, a pair of chests, a small cart wheel, and what looks like some sort of wooden toy, consisting of a saddle attached complete with a steering wheel, a chair back and a pair of pedal-like protrusions, with the number “3” being painted on the saddle. The saddle is kept up by a large spring, which is connected to a tree section placed on the ground. Another toy, in the shape of a puppet with large clenched fists, is seen resting in a box behind one of the sofas, alongside other things. A training dummy is seen leaning against the wall where the hammock is placed, with its wooden support broken, and the writing “Erza” above its stylized face. This very same wall bears the various request bulletins from all of the Jobs that Natsu and Happy completed. The job regarding Everlue and the DAYBREAK book bears a special, added sheet, stating that was the first Job they took with Lucy Heartfilia.

In stark contrast with the general disorder inside the house, the memorabilia of Team Natsu's adventures are very well-preserved and clean, these including:

  • The fake Salamander’s autograph, pinned to the wall with a dagger.
  • Some rubble from the meeting hall of the Magic Council, from Natsu's raid to save Erza from being put on trial, kept in a small sack held up by some ropes.
  • A tribal necklace consisting of a small skull and many fangs, from the adventure on Galuna Island, on a shelf.
  • Lucy's maid outfit, from the Everlue job.[3]

Lucy was so touched by the way Natsu and Happy had taken care of their memories that she tidied up and cleaned their house, arranging things neatly and making the whole place sparkle due to the cleanliness.[4]


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