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For more information, see his article on the Rave Master Wiki.

Nakajima (ナカジマ Nakajima) is a large, green flower-looking creature.


Nakajima is a green creature with a rather unique look; he displays black, droopy eyes, a wrinkly face and large, pink lips. His "head" is adorned with twelve petals circling around that give him the image of a flower. He has no physical body, but possesses a pair of arms. He is seen attached to a wall.


According to Nakajima, he likes insects, and he likes the sport bowling. He also fears one customer in the casino.[1]

Appearance on Other MediaEdit


Fairy Tail x RaveEdit

Nakajima hit by a slot machine

Nakajima gets hit by a slot machine

As Natsu and Haru are rampaging inside the casino, he tells the two of them to calm down, but is cut short after being hit by a slot machine. He then proceeds on introducing himself, and adds that insects are among of his favorite foods, then gets terrified by the arrival of Erza. Some time later, he states that bowling is his favorite sport, but his statement is cut off yet again.[1]


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